Thursday, November 15, 2007

Artistic Russian Photography Finds A Home In Moscow.

Artistic Russian photography has found a true home in the Moscow House of Photography. The museum uses festivals and projects to feature their exhibitions. Among their collections in artistic Russian photography are Classics in Russian Photography and Seasons of Foreign Photography. Warm public response within the country embraces a return to cultural arts, appreciation and beauty. What makes artistic Russian photography exceptional is the endurance of the creative soul through history.

The work of the Moscow House of Photography keeps the light on the talent and value of artistic Russian photography. Cultural enrichment is promoted by studying the works of the past and the present. Works of photographers such as Grinberg, Pensin, Yeremin and Yegorov are held in the archives and available to be seen.

By promoting artistic Russian photography, the Russian and world audiences are able to see the grand beauty once hidden by an iron curtain. The museum in Moscow is working diligently to provide a true artistic resource to Russia and to the rest of the world. Conducting contests, giving grants, teaching and exhibiting works of photographic art expands the medium both in and out of Russia.

Artistic Russian photography is served further by the museum's grand literary collection. They boast the first Russian library of photography. Many publications both Russian and foreign covering everything from history to technique to modern devices can be found. The library, the exhibitions, the education are all a part of nurturing the artistic soul of Russia. The unlimited potential both embraced and supported by the Museum and its staff cannot be defined. It is a creative effort for a creative medium to keep it flourishing creatively.

The real value of artistic Russian photography can be found in the pictures of its people. Creativity and genius are not the sole property of Western society or any nation. By encouraging the growth and development of artistic Russian photography, new avenues of learning and seeing the world are opening. Presenting the works of artistic Russian photography in other countries offers cultural understanding and tolerance. Much can be learned from a country's works of art.