Saturday, January 19, 2008

Human Figure Photography Offers A Masterpiece.

Human figure photography embraces the body as the masterpiece of artistry, physical beauty and desire. The artistic tradition is borne of a true love for the human body. Shape, color and custom matter less than existence because human figure photography is partial to all humans no matter what appearance they may have. It doesn't matter if the photographs are about old men with thick jowls, women with broken teeth or a long-limbed teenager. The subject matter remains the same as long as they are about humans.

Human figure photography embraces nude and clothed images. Images that clearly show a shapely, curvaceous hip or a thick fleshy arm may be altered or transformed by the shifting of light or exposure. The hue of the film, color or black and white, will have a profound affect on the pictures captured upon it.

Understanding the depth of study, thought and patience a photographer invests when developing a line of human figure photography needs experiencing to be understood. Imagine one person being the subject of two photographers. One will believe they understand the subject, they will note the clothes, the hairstyle, the color of the skin and the condition of their appearance. They will snap the picture and be done.

The other will see a hidden twinkle in the subject's eye, the posture, the tilt of the head or even spend time talking to and walking with the person. When it is time, they will snap the picture and they will have found some understanding. Their picture will be about a person who possesses a regal bearing, a sparkling wit and an ineffable patience for the hustle of the world. That is human figure photography: this capture of a presence, a spirit or an essence on a simple slide of film.

A person can take a course on human figure photography. They can study the textbooks and speak to the experts. Technically speaking, they can learn the limits of perfection. Yet without knowledge of the body, the person, the skin along the surface of the human to be photographed, they will never perfect a talent for human figure photography. A picture should invite thought, commentary or perhaps a moment of reflection. The capability of such emotional reaction is distinctly human.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

High School For Photography And The Arts Could Be The New Trend.

With every day news reports it's hard to imagine that a high school for photography and the arts isn't already present in every city. New York boasts a High School for the Performing Arts that gained worldwide notoriety in the movie and subsequent television series, Fame. Publicly funded schools in the U.S. suffer from budget cuts and doubt over their educational abilities. Arts programs are usually the first to go in favor of sports, but when sports are also feeling the pinch, then it's not surprising that a high school for photography and the arts join the next wave of private schools.

The arts represent more than just something pretty to look at. They teach perspective, tolerance, point of view and overcoming adversity. Discipline is required to perfect technique, angle, composition and lighting. Patience is mandatory to get the right shot or a selection of shots to work from. A high school for photography and the arts could provide a strong academic education hand in hand with a strong education in the arts.

In the U.S. this would ideally be the province of the public school. Schools are funded by taxpayer dollars and should provide the maximum education. Yet, educational budgets never feature as high as politicians claim. Too many backdoor deals and too many opinions over content are actually preventing subjects from being taught at all. This is where a high school for photography and the arts could fill the void.

Private schools are typically more expensive. Tuition costs on average between $5,000 and $9,000 per year. A high school for photography and the arts charging $9,000 per student per year would make just under $4,500,000 with 500 students enrolled. At the low end of $5,000 a year, 500 students enrolled would net $2,500,000. A long-term private high school for photography and the arts could be very profitable for its financial investors. The benefits of such a school goes beyond the financial. Kids who are well grounded in the arts can go on to be anything, art-related or not. The greatest minds have always sought the best education they could. A high school for photography and the arts would offer education for the heart, the mind, the soul and the future.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fresno Wedding Photography Captures Fairy Tales.

Deciding to get married is easy. Choosing a Fresno location and Fresno wedding photography offers the couple choices unique to the Fresno area. If the wedding is taking place in a private home or church, selecting a photographer from a list of names in Fresno wedding photography is easy enough. The majority of wedding photographers features standard packages and are very capable of taking great pictures of the important event.

But what if the couple wants to choose a unique location for their wedding? Fresno boasts one of the more unique potential venues, whether just for portraits or for part of the ceremony. The Forestiere Underground Gardens can make a couple feel like they have stepped into a fairy tale, with grottos cut into the stone and tunnels spiraling about. Finding the right Fresno wedding photography would involve more than just selecting a good package, but the location might pose a challenge for a photographer. The ideal photographer would meet and overcome the challenge.

The right Fresno wedding photography photographer would need an artistic eye to take advantage of the rich contrasts in light. The ripe fruit trees and lush grape vines provide more opportunities for backgrounds. The possibilities offered by this underground paradise are completely unique to Fresno.

A wedding is milestone in a relationship, a turning point and a defining moment. With the right location and the right Fresno wedding photography, that moment can be captured and held in the location that is right for the couple. Fairy tales begin once upon a time and so can a wedding.

But if the underground doesn't appeal, the Fresno Shinzen Japanese Garden might present an option blending tranquility with happily ever after. Garden weddings require the right type of Fresno wedding photography. The brightness of the sun, the differing shadows and even the foliage must be taken into account. Fresno wedding photography should focus on the bride and groom, the wedding party, the guests and feature them against the lush background. If the background overcomes the event, then it would be necessary to adjust the angle and the focus.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fine Art Photography For Sale From Every Corner Of The World.

Fine art photography for sale may have once been limited to specialty stores, but no longer. With the expansion of the Internet super highway, fine art photography for sale can be found in more locations than ever. Employing a web search engine to locate fine art photography for sale will net a few hundred thousand responses. While it's true not all the sites located will actually have the searched item for sale, the option for finding fine art photography has expanded exponentially.

Locating fine art photography for sale from Czechoslovakia is as simple if not simpler than driving downtown to locate a gallery featuring original oil paintings. It is hard to believe that a little over a decade ago, the idea of not featuring a product on the web was hardly a rare one, whereas today the Internet hosts entire marketplaces that have no permanent physical location other than for shipping.

Outlet malls, once coveted by shoppers willing to drive miles out of their way to locate a worthy object now decorate the Internet landscape. Auction houses online feature fine art photography for sale along with just about every other item a person can imagine. It has literally filled a vacuum that literally didn't exist prior to that.

The trend to feature both an online web source for a business as well as a local establishment is so entrenched that it actually puzzles a consumer to learn that a store, company or individual does not possess a web site. Want to know if the library has a book on how to catalog or appraise fine art photography for sale? Just plug in the search to the library's database and it will pluck the information out.

A few years ago, the Internet services provider America Online experienced a 19-hour outage. Maintenance outages were normal, but designed to have low end user impact. The outage was front-page national and international news. There were dozens of feature stories about small businesses and large businesses that found themselves out in the cold during the unexpected outage. What might have seemed like a death knell, actually inflated the value of a company and service so taken for granted that the absence was profound. It didn't matter if it was a dealer who couldn't locate fine art photography for sale or a teenager wanting to check their email.

Locating fine art photography for sale requires simply a few keystrokes. Dealers have a larger number of customers for fine art photography for sale. Dealers and collectors both benefit from the rich environment promoted by the Internet.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Figure Photography Views Beauty Differently.

Figure photography is not about the face, but the body. The interesting contrast between face and figure is the conceptualization of attractiveness. The camera focuses on different aspects in figure photography, obviously. Yet, in figure photography the lack of noticeable curves and the abundance of curves are equally appealing.

It is not uncommon in fashion magazines or advertisements to utilize elements of composition that focus on the figure. The focus on figure accentuates the image of the person from the neck down, rather than including the face as an essential element of the photograph. The model shown with the oversized hat shielding the majority of her head yet really featuring the full length of her body is an excellent example of figure photography. In the fashion examples, the focus on figure is less about the body than the clothes.

In many catalog magazines, figure photography is employed to demonstrate how clothing might look on a model. Some catalogs for chains of plus-size women stores have been criticized heavily for their use of lean figure advertising. Whether through accident or design, these plus-sized catalogs featured numerous pictures of size 4 or size 7 women to illustrate how clothes would look. This use of small sized figures created the image that the clothing would make any figure appear that way.

Photography offers unlimited options for portraying physical beauty. Photographic artists use figure photography to do that, but the largest proportion is devoted to fashionable subjects such as clothes, cars and other items for sale. A woman's body in a bikini draped over the hood of a car, a pair of long legs in high heels next to a razor or a wide brimmed hat fanning over a fur coat sells in the commercial world.

Interestingly enough, the lack of a face in figure photography does not seem to intend to devalue the face. The opposite is actually true, for in figure photography, the lack of a face invites the audience viewing the photograph to imagine their own face in the absence of another. The imagery invited by figure photography is much like a paper doll or a mannequin, because the viewer can envision his or her own face rather than try to compare it to another.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Famous Nature Photography Holds Moments Captive.

Famous nature photography covers a warehouse of beauty in the history of photography. Pioneers recorded the first images of snowy-capped mountain peaks, birds in motion, birds in stillness, flowers bursting with life and animals, still waiting for the first true light of dawn. Famous nature photography includes a list of the most beautiful pictures ever captured. These pioneering photographers did not seek the badge of famous nature photography.

Amateurs, adventurers, teachers and scientists utilized photography to illustrate academic books, classrooms, records and personal collections. Like their forbearers, some bird enthusiasts employ photography to capture their prey. Their intention is not to profit from the image, but simply to enjoy it. In the world of art and photography, famous nature photography carries the banner of unintended greatness and unintentional splendor.

The image of the hummingbird captured in mid-flap possesses such visual clarity that it appears suspended in air, as if by magic. The petals of a rose, still partially furled, retain their soft texture and the glistening dewdrops wait for a hand to brush against them. That is the power of famous nature photography. This power communicates the image to the soul of the viewer and to provoke a sensory response in equal part to the emotional one.

Panoramas, vistas, river deltas, beaches, flocks of birds, schools of fish, roaming deer, a sleeping dog, playful squirrels, timid gophers and more potential subjects than can be listed are ideal for famous nature photography. It matters little how many photographs exist of different hummingbirds, roses, pastorals or racing horses. In famous nature photography, every picture is unique and every picture tells a story.

The roots of famous nature photography exists in the innocent eye, surveying the bountiful beauty whether found in a blade of grass, a mountain range, a sunset, a squirrel's posture or a bird's motion. There are photographers who have devoted their entire careers to the capture of one perfect moment for famous nature photography. Whether they have succeeded or not in previous attempts, it is their passion for the world, for nature and for its inhabitants that lures them to look once more through the eye of the camera to see what famous nature photography may lay beyond.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Family Photography Las Vegas Depicts All Dynamics Of The Modern Day Family.

Family photography Las Vegas once portrayed photographs of groups simply linked through descent. The concept of family has changed drastically since early western civilization, acknowledging the complexity of what is a natural and fundamental unit of society. Today, family photography Las Vegas concentrates more on what each individual unit considers family, instead of the preconceived notions of the state. A strong legacy is what family photography Las Vegas strives to encapsulate for everyone linked by kinship whether the link is genetic or by human spirit.

Setting a standard is far from the approach taken by portrait companies throughout the state of Nevada, especially in the colorful city of Las Vegas. Realizing the diversity of society itself is what family photography Las Vegas is developing: one family photograph at a time.

Most family photography Las Vegas specialists seek business from any defined nucleus such as traditional families, same-sex couples, extended relationships, unions of friendship, and even the adoption of pets into a household. They do not bother to focus on the 'correct' definition of family.

Imagewell, a family documentary photo business located in Las Vegas is no stranger to this idea. Morris Weintraub, founder and CEO considers photography both as a serious historical transcription and as an artistic outlet. Working as an award winning photojournalist for the New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post, Weintraub experienced powerful images of humanity. The mission of Imagewell is to document the spontaneity, love, and beauty of human interaction, without a rigid approach to family photography Las Vegas.

Throughout the world, sociological, historical and anthropological research is dedicated identifying the changes over time and understanding the variation in the family form. Family photography Las Vegas roots their views in this rich field of discovery. The 16th and 17th century bourgeois family that centered on marriage between a man and woman with strictly defined gender roles, was once the norm and was evident in family photography Las Vegas. This made portrait taking very easy to artistically plan for and mainly consisted of generic settings in family photography Las Vegas.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Family Photography San Diego Shows Respect.

Interested in a career in family photography San Diego? Taking pictures is a hobby, but converting a hobby to a profession means getting paid to do what a person likes. The advice is sound, but there are different types of photographers both amateur and professional. Not all of these are going to excel at family photography San Diego.

The budding professional photographer who has set sights on a career in family photography San Diego should possess aspects of a photojournalist and a portraitist. A photojournalist looks for the story about the people he or she photographs. The portraitist wants to bring out a certain quality or aspect of the ones he or she does.

In family photography San Diego, telling a story and drawing out certain qualities in photographs will please not only the photographer, but also the client. Do not limit the potential of a shot by sticking to an absolute standard unless the client requires it. Take the session outside if possible, change up the angle. Seek out new lighting options. Avoid centering the photo unless the composition of the group shot is ideal for it.

The best tip a person who wants a career in family photography San Diego can receive is to focus on the people. Bring the camera in close; don't be afraid to let the images dominate the picture. The best products are the ones that appeal to the clients' emotions. Close-ups appeal on a very immediate emotional level.

Another bit of advice that can help an aspiring career in family photography San Diego is don't be afraid to experiment. Some clients will say they know exactly what they want, but most won't. The photographer should avoid limiting him or herself to the standard expectation. Dare to take a few candid shots. Focus a close up on Mom and Dad during a pose shift.

A career in family photography San Diego expresses an interest in people as well as photography. Seek out those elements that created the interest in the first place. Family photography San Diego is about exploring individuals and families, but more than exploration, it's about respect. Enjoy the work, develop the work and invest in the work. The respect and the daring will show and a career will be born.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Executive Photography Virginia Is Not Open To Interpretation.

Executive photography Virginia displays the message and the personality of a company in every shot. Creating executive photography Virginia requires an understanding of not only commercial impressions, but also marketing and personal bias. The business itself will lend a great deal to the determination of the commercial impression. Viewers may object to a glamorous image of some companies and expect it of others. In this respect, executive photography Virginia is a field not devoted to artistic interpretation, because the photographs are intentionally designed to convey certain messages.

Marketing the corporation or business is a part of the package in executive photography Virginia. A working stable, for example, may feature photographs of the animals in motion and at rest in equal measure to the 'faces' of the business. If the owner is involved in many aspects of this operation, they should be featured heavily. But if the trainers and the students represent the best of the business, then it is their faces that will appear to the audience.

Executive photography Virginia is about audiences and piquing their interest. Technology companies recognized this immediately in the mid to late 90s. Employing executive photographers to get the 'man on the street' feel of their casual dress atmosphere that completely lacked the rigidity associated with large corporations.

Giving the casual, youthful energy may not work for every company, however. Some corporations, banks in particular, promote an image of stability by mixing photographs of well-dressed senior executives with equally well-dressed tellers. The image executive photography Virginia creates is one of affluence, trustworthiness and longevity. These are two emotions that customers want to associate with their chosen bank, because after all they trust that particular company with their livelihood.

Executive photography Virginia increases a company's communication, both internally and externally. Yes, executive photography Virginia enjoys the benefits of commercial trade success by selling what works. These visual cue cards only work, however, if the photographer understands the message. So whether the executive photography Virginia is focused on a corporate event, executive portraits, grand openings, day in the life or business report, the photographer must snap the shot that is right for both the image and the audience, leaving little open to interpretation.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Event Photography Colorado Continues To Provide A Colorful Canvas.

Event photography Colorado can be both a launching pad for amateur photographers and a hobby for state enthusiasts. Corporate retreats, family reunions, and sporting events are just a few of the subjects shot by these talented artists. Breath taking backdrops of the Rocky Mountains combined with cherished occasions make event photography Colorado a success. The remarkable settings capture many event photography Colorado consultants specializing in weddings.

Couples from all over the country plan their special day in this beautiful state yearly. This creates a lucrative base for local imaging studios. With hundreds of experts in event photography Colorado, the market remains competitive. The Colorado waterfalls, snow peaked mountains, ski resorts, national parks and trout filled streams continue to be a strong magnet for event planners of all persuasions nationwide.

Once Upon A Time Video Productions is among the many talented studios advertising in event photography Colorado. Their comprehensive portfolio in wedding photography has made them a leader in the local industry. Their photographers have proved to be committed to not just capturing, but presenting the wedding in a unique style through videography.

A similar company, 2 Sisters Photography, makes great use of a storybook style, photojournalistic approach to event photography Colorado. While keeping up with advanced technologies is a big part of their mission, they guarantee to capture these precious memories with respect to traditional values and taste.

Choosing the most talented and experienced professional for event photography Colorado can be challenging for a wedding planner. In 2004, a group of photographers from Colorado realized that by combining their efforts, they could bring in more business with quality results attached to their reputation. They founded the APWPA, American Professional Wedding Photographers Association concentrating on centralizing high-level photographers through membership and insuring quality service.

Event photography Colorado lends a steady avenue for artists to not only express their talents, but to make a living at what they love. Technology combined with imaging has catapulted the event photography Colorado market into a viable source of economic growth. With so many scenic locations attracting people to this colorful state, event photography Colorado is sure to grow in interest.

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Europe Art Photography Challenges Conventional Wisdom

A bomb of speculation torches the field of Europe art photography. An artist speculates that the great Masters, known for their exquisite works of art in painting, cheated. Yes, cheated. How could these great Masters, so world-renowned, have been as authentic as Milli-Vanilli? Allegedly, they used optical devices whether a camera obscura or a camera lucida to trace their spectacular images prior to painting them. Europe art photography may have its roots in a time period long before modern invention.

Could Vermeer have used Europe art photography to help produce his works? Could Rembrandt? Is the man drumming up these tall, tall tales really on to something in the history of art? Or is he simply compensating for his own inability to produce such masterpieces?

If Europe art photography did allow these great masters to capture the image or tracing of their subjects prior to painting them, what does that say, exactly? Are they truly frauds? Are the works any less spectacular? If one spends all their time wrestling with whether photography is really art - does this create or answer more questions? Does the ability of photography to freeze imagery in seconds diminish genius? If the allegation is indeed true, can their creativity be questioned in either their creation or their method?

The uproar in Europe art photography and in world community of the Arts is the assumption that genius needs no tools. This is a foolish assumption in Europe art photography and elsewhere. Genius is a state of mind. Genius is the eye that sees the potential and possibility. Whether the tool is a camera, an image traced on a wall or a painter's brush, the work that is created requires a tool or tools to create with. Europe art photography has a long tradition from architecture to paintings to sculpting to composition to photography. Genius is not something that can be faked. Whether an image is created from a paint-by-numbers kit, a photographer's camera or viewed only through the mind's eyes of imagination, the genius is the culmination of effort to bring that image to life for another to see and feel. That's genius.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Euro Art Photography Decorates Classical Venues.

Debate continues to rage over the artistic value of euro art photography. Yet euro art photography is featured in exhibitions in Rome, Paris, London and Madrid. Survivor photographs of the holocaust, terrorist bombings, wars and more decorate the walls of galleries and museums. These very same galleries and museums still feature works of the renaissance and classical periods. Paintings, sculpture, architecture and history can now be joined by the modern wonder of photography.

The art exhibitions in Rome, once exclusively dominated by renaissance and classical works, now feature the modern classics of euro art photography. In just over a decade, the landscape of venerated art in one of Europe's oldest cities has embraced the modern and contemporary offerings of photographers.

In Paris, space is given to all forms of art in small and large galleries. Prints of euro art photography are sold in shops along the Seine and the Louver alongside prints of masterpieces. Whether due to the Internet, modern communication, changes in the political landscape or the tumult surrounding religious fanaticism and terrorist bombings, the art of photography continues to grow in popularity.

Images as disturbing as the smashed car that Princess Diana died in to the warmth of Pope John Paul II smile can be found in exhibitions of euro art photography. Children playing happily amongst the burnt out husks of destroy vehicles in Northern Ireland, Beirut, Israel and Iraq. Can any image that tells so powerful a tale of hope not be counted as art? Timeless images of wonders visible for over a thousand years framed side by side with celebrities and flavors of the moment.

The rising popularity of photojournalism being featured in exhibitions as well as newspapers is another trend in euro art photography. The versatility and variety of euro art photography refuses to be carefully pre-packaged and labeled. The changing tide of the artistic landscape is marked by the photo collections of Europe's royal families and political leaders. Some exhibitions are so popular that long lines are expected to get a glimpse at the latest unveiling of euro art photography. The universal language of art, sometimes misunderstood and maligned, has been allowed to embrace another dialect.

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Digital Photography Virginia Takes Advantage Of The Internet.

With a corporate landscape that boasts communication corporations like MCI and America Online, digital photography Virginia utilizes technology to its full advantage. The advent of the digital camera in the mid 1990s offered a level of immediacy and simplicity to the process of taking, processing and displaying pictures. Digital photography Virginia takes full advantage of the high-speed access that is quickly becoming the norm thanks to DSL, cable modems, ISDN and T-1's. A medium that could have floundered under the punishment of 1800-baud dial up connections has flourished and continues to expand.

Digital photography Virginia allows individuals, amateur or professional and entities like corporations to take film quality pictures and display them on the Internet in a matter of minutes. Between memory sticks and fire wires, the transfer of image device to device is virtually automatic.

Families can use digital photography Virginia to build online scrapbooks or photo albums. Numerous sites offer free hosting or minimal cost hosting that only require the user to upload their pictures. They can tinker if they choose or not. Once uploaded, most sites offer an email function that allows the user to dash a message off to family and friends, inviting them to check out the new collection. For grandparents, this offers immediacy into the everyday happenings of their grandchildren and for extended families; it can save a lot of money on not having to make numerous copies to mail out.

Digital photography Virginia works equally well for advertisers, companies, both large and small as well as it does for families. It is very common for corporations to maintain a web site as a matter of course. Photographs of locations, products, people and more add a touch of humanity to every web page. Imagine shopping online without being able to actually 'see' the products. People are so resistant to buying something they cannot see, they often skip past products where the image failed to load as well as ones that lack images at all.

Whether a company maintains the traditional corporate atmosphere or a casual one, their web site must cater to that image and image requires digital photography Virginia. Nine times out of ten, when a person remembers something about a web site or a web page, it is usually a visual one. Digital photography Virginia recognizes the visual cues required and with the technology available, promoting images is everything. The images of digital photography Virginia sell items, letting potential buyers 'see' the products and sells information to make decisions on by presenting images of companies, both their locations and their people. So whether used for business or private, digital photography speeds up communication, both online and off.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Digital Photography DC Finds Exposure Through Technology.

Digital photography DC is an example of humans endeavor too not only creates, but also to improve upon creation. Photography is an art form capable of capturing real moments forever on film. Digital photography DC makes the most of the ever-developing digital technology.

Digital technology is the result of 40 years of computer evolution. Computers initially filled huge rooms and couldn't handle more than one or two processes. Through refinement, technology reduced the size of a processor and increased the amount of processes exponentially. Digital photography DC uses the principles of standard photography, but records the images to a microprocessor or memory chip rather than on film.

The advantages of digital photography DC include faster processing from snapping the image to printing it. Processing regular film despite improved methods requires at minimum an hour for fast development of amateur film. Professional photographers will take as much care with their development as they do with the setting of the photo in the first place. Some professionals use digital alongside their traditional, blending the tools to their trade.

Digital photography DC allows images to be edited and brushed with ease. Color can be erased, added and shifted with a few mouse clicks. The tools required to perform the editing are available to anyone owning a personal computer. As with anything, some versions are more advanced or offer more options, but the most basic software will allow a user to soften contrasts, deepen colors, remove others and print the results on photographic paper.

The products of digital photography DC are not less than traditional images nor are they more. The technology allows different possibilities to be explored. Artists, professional photographers and amateurs continue the gradual assimilation of digital photography DC. Used for classrooms, family portraiture, news feeds and web sites, the age of digital photography continues to explore the limits that can be reached. While there some objections to digital photography DC because it can be altered and form misrepresentations, it has been noted that technique is not limited to digital images. It is simply easier to do so in a digital image.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Design A Studio For Photography For Home Or Business.

When someone decides to design a studio for photography they are usually ready to invest some time and money in their hobby or profession. It doesn't have to be a complex task to design a studio for photography. A few simple rules are required to design a studio for photography whether the end result is a high-end professional business handling dozens of customers today or a simple home-based custom operation.

The first step to design a studio for photography is finding the space. A room needs to be about eighteen feet long by ten feet wide to allow a twelve-foot space between the camera and the background. The room also needs to have enough area to allow for lighting equipment and props, including chairs as needed. A high ceiling will help maximize the lighting options as well as provide different positions to hang cameras for angle shots as desired.

When considering what makes design a studio for photography the best for an individual's needs, avoid rooms with odd angles, lopsided shapes or featuring long windows. While the windows can be covered, studio lighting can be affected by natural light seepage. Use washable matte paint to cover the walls in white. Other colors may seem trendier, but avoid them to help make the best use of the space.

A common problem encountered during design a studio for photography is the lack of electrical outlets. It's important the workspace, specifically the main room use for the studio has plenty. Take the time to have extra outlets installed in all locations where equipment will likely need to be set up. To design a studio for photography means to consider current and future needs. This includes a couple of outlets either on the ceiling or in the high part of the wall where cameras may hang or additional lighting may be added. This prevents cords from being strung everywhere. Finally, don't design a studio for photography that's stifling and hot. Make sure the room has plenty of good ventilation. Lights generate heat; good air conditioning can keep the room comfortable.

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DC Photography Blends The Image.

Politics, history, theater and business mix together in DC photography. Considered the seat of power in the United States, the capital area of Washington D.C. boasts a variety of images. DC photography blends images as disparate as a child's hand reaching up to touch the statue of Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln Memorial to the homeless man sleeping on a bench near the Vietnam War Memorial. DC photography includes the architectural styles designed to inject awe in visitors as well as the crumbling sidewalks and buildings that comprise the homes of the underprivileged.

Pictures of the President and the White House may seem like the poster children for DC photography, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. There is a thriving theater district inside and outside of the main city. Travel from Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland are easy commutes, binding the two states and the capital into a larger picture. The United States government may be the largest employer in the area, but not the only one.

Pastoral scenes are not unheard of in DC photography either. Whether captured images for postcards in the Smithsonian or a few miles outside of the city in the greener areas of Maryland and Virginia's countryside. Horses, boats, politicians, police, the mayor, the President, the capital building, Congress and the children are all vital elements that enrich and inhabit this area.

DC photography shows both the glossy and the dingy finishes of arguably one of the world's wealthiest nations. Comparing the dichotomous images present in the capital expresses a deeper schism in the social consciousness of a nation. Imagining the world through the eyes of the camera shows both the flawed beauty and the spirit that alternately soars and plummets.

It cannot be an error that makes DC photography so unique. Observers of human nature might suggest that what is seen is only what someone wants to be seen, but that would be weak excuse. DC photography works much like an old buffalo nickel, dented, aged, dark on one side, stripped on another, but inherently valuable for all the components. No matter what extreme is captured by DC photography, understanding the people, the city and the nation are richer for the experience.

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