Saturday, January 12, 2008

Famous Nature Photography Holds Moments Captive.

Famous nature photography covers a warehouse of beauty in the history of photography. Pioneers recorded the first images of snowy-capped mountain peaks, birds in motion, birds in stillness, flowers bursting with life and animals, still waiting for the first true light of dawn. Famous nature photography includes a list of the most beautiful pictures ever captured. These pioneering photographers did not seek the badge of famous nature photography.

Amateurs, adventurers, teachers and scientists utilized photography to illustrate academic books, classrooms, records and personal collections. Like their forbearers, some bird enthusiasts employ photography to capture their prey. Their intention is not to profit from the image, but simply to enjoy it. In the world of art and photography, famous nature photography carries the banner of unintended greatness and unintentional splendor.

The image of the hummingbird captured in mid-flap possesses such visual clarity that it appears suspended in air, as if by magic. The petals of a rose, still partially furled, retain their soft texture and the glistening dewdrops wait for a hand to brush against them. That is the power of famous nature photography. This power communicates the image to the soul of the viewer and to provoke a sensory response in equal part to the emotional one.

Panoramas, vistas, river deltas, beaches, flocks of birds, schools of fish, roaming deer, a sleeping dog, playful squirrels, timid gophers and more potential subjects than can be listed are ideal for famous nature photography. It matters little how many photographs exist of different hummingbirds, roses, pastorals or racing horses. In famous nature photography, every picture is unique and every picture tells a story.

The roots of famous nature photography exists in the innocent eye, surveying the bountiful beauty whether found in a blade of grass, a mountain range, a sunset, a squirrel's posture or a bird's motion. There are photographers who have devoted their entire careers to the capture of one perfect moment for famous nature photography. Whether they have succeeded or not in previous attempts, it is their passion for the world, for nature and for its inhabitants that lures them to look once more through the eye of the camera to see what famous nature photography may lay beyond.