Saturday, January 19, 2008

Human Figure Photography Offers A Masterpiece.

Human figure photography embraces the body as the masterpiece of artistry, physical beauty and desire. The artistic tradition is borne of a true love for the human body. Shape, color and custom matter less than existence because human figure photography is partial to all humans no matter what appearance they may have. It doesn't matter if the photographs are about old men with thick jowls, women with broken teeth or a long-limbed teenager. The subject matter remains the same as long as they are about humans.

Human figure photography embraces nude and clothed images. Images that clearly show a shapely, curvaceous hip or a thick fleshy arm may be altered or transformed by the shifting of light or exposure. The hue of the film, color or black and white, will have a profound affect on the pictures captured upon it.

Understanding the depth of study, thought and patience a photographer invests when developing a line of human figure photography needs experiencing to be understood. Imagine one person being the subject of two photographers. One will believe they understand the subject, they will note the clothes, the hairstyle, the color of the skin and the condition of their appearance. They will snap the picture and be done.

The other will see a hidden twinkle in the subject's eye, the posture, the tilt of the head or even spend time talking to and walking with the person. When it is time, they will snap the picture and they will have found some understanding. Their picture will be about a person who possesses a regal bearing, a sparkling wit and an ineffable patience for the hustle of the world. That is human figure photography: this capture of a presence, a spirit or an essence on a simple slide of film.

A person can take a course on human figure photography. They can study the textbooks and speak to the experts. Technically speaking, they can learn the limits of perfection. Yet without knowledge of the body, the person, the skin along the surface of the human to be photographed, they will never perfect a talent for human figure photography. A picture should invite thought, commentary or perhaps a moment of reflection. The capability of such emotional reaction is distinctly human.