Sunday, June 21, 2009

Artistic Photography Of Boys Looks For Links

Artistic photography of boys is not specifically nude photography although some artists have included nudes as a part of their work. The study of the body is very specific in Western Art circles. Artistic photography of boys includes the less common imaging of nudity, but the nudity itself is not the issue of these photographs. A boy's body is significantly different than a man's. Shoulders have not broadened, the chest is a not thick, arm and legs are leaner. The figure of a boy is not unlike the figure of a young girl, asexual despite their obvious differences in gender.

Baron von Gloudon, a titled and wealthy photographer, photographed young boys in a Sicilian village. His artistic photography of boys includes clothed and unclothed images of boys at rest, at work or in classical settings. Some images he utilized in his artistic works were disturbing in their use of a youthful, angelic face bearing hair teased into forming a pair of horns. The influence of satyrs in classical artistry meets Christian interpretations.

Utilizing young boys as models for a study 'life' allows for a variety of poses and viewpoints. Artistic photography of boys is often used as a euphemism with regard to child pornography, but the difference is the images in rendered by artists are life tales. The young boy sitting on a crumbling wall, his expression remote and his clothing threadbare and resting against his knee is a weapon that is nearly as large as he is. The provocative image is a study in contrasts.

The challenge to capture different viewpoints is the uses of light, contrasts, and setting and of course the models themselves. Artistic photography of boys can be cute as demonstrated in the collections used for calendars, coffee table books and the occasional print. However, unlike pictures of girls, artistic photography of boys takes advantage of the inherent promise to masculinity the boys possess. Even the nudes, asexual, classically posed or companion pieces where the boys are relaxing after a swim on an obviously hot day. These boys will become men, the question the poses, settings and models ask are what kind of men will they become? How does the youth scrambling in the field grow up to be a baseball player? A fireman? A criminal? A businessman? What separates the boy who is from the man he becomes and that is only one of the challenges in artistic photography of boys?