Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Body Photography Creates A Wealth Of Opportunities

Body photography is another arena in which the artist or photographer uses pictures to convey a message or thought. For example, Allan Teger uses body photography in a unique fashion Teger's technique involves using nude figures to give an impression of being landscape. The images of Teger's work are sensual without being exploitive and interesting to say the least. His portfolio includes images of a naked male or female becoming a golf course, a fishing hole, a ski slope or even a highway where cars, motorcycles or horses can go. Teger's work in body photography is unique because the photos are not about the body itself, but the use of the body in the material.

Other forms of body photography include blended or morphed photographs that were manipulated to show two bodies, back to back, but a part of each other. Popular subjects for photographers in this field include athletes and dancers because the human body is an endlessly fascinating subject for artists.

The use of body photography is not limited to just the art world. An alternative method involving the same techniques is also known as body mapping, has gained recognition and widespread use by physicians including dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and oncologists. The use of body mapping allows doctors to completely scan the surface of the body into a computer, to analyze anomalies or suspicious lesions. This mapping of the body into a computer helps physicians to determine the best places for reshaping the body as used in cosmetic surgery including tummy tucks, breast reductions or enlargements and sculpting of other areas.

The popularity of this method for body mapping extends beyond the medical arena to include digital body photography employed by special effects teams. Body photography and digital mapping allows animators to capture animal and human movement. Digital body photography can be used to help shape CGI effects such as Yoda in the Star Wars prequels and Gollum in Jackson's Tolkien saga. The use of digital photography is an important aspect of modern filmmaking where CGI effects though once costly are becoming more and more mainstreamed.