Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cheerleading Event Photography Catches The Action

Cheerleading event photography is considered one of the last forms of true photography. The challenge lies in capturing a dynamic moments that pass in the blink of eye with no preparation or set up. The photographer engaged in cheerleader event photography must view the event with constant awareness, because without vigilance action will be missed.

Equipment is important for cheerleader event photography. A fast camera, a telephoto lens, a tripod and even extra cameras are standard. The fast shutter on a camera is necessary because the events and the cheerleaders are constantly in motion. Standard cameras can waste entire rolls of film trying to catch just one moment of clarity.

Professionals cannot afford to waste so many frames. An average event may generate two or three hundred shots, if not more. With all the teams that compete regional, state and national levels, that number can grow. Most cheerleader event photography benefits from outdoor competitions, but when they take place indoors, the photographer must then cope with lighting levels. Location is always an affect on photography, but imagine trying to capture the best shots in a high school gymnasium where the lighting makes even healthy people look sallow.

Mastering the art of cheerleader event photography means that the photographer is always on the lookout for the next shot. With one eye affixed to the viewfinder, they survey constantly. A misstep, a tumble, a graceful toss or even a series showing a collapsing pyramid and heart broken expressions can tell a story without a single line of copy edit.

Cheerleader event photography is about catching the action in the moment. It takes good equipment and an even better eye. Yet, even with the best equipment and the practiced eye, cheerleader event photography requires that the photographer understand the sport. Someone who has never seen a cheerleading competition may not understand the significance of a toe inching over the white line. Experience and understanding teach the photographer signs to watch for and expect. Some of the best photojournalists in the world anticipate the shot, recognizing the factors they've seen before as they pass by in seconds. Instinct, talent and experience are the best ingredients for a photographer to be successful in cheerleader event photography.