Monday, June 29, 2009

Fine Art Photography Models More Than Self

Fine art photography models the difference between commercialization and dedication to an art form. This distinction is not intended in any way to diminish the work of photojournalists, fashion photographers and other commercially employed camera jockeys. The reasons why fine art photography models this contrast lay more in the reasons for the photographs than in the subject of the photograph. For example, fine art photography models a devotion to the concept of art, not the commercially generated rewards that art might offer.

The problem a layman and even some photographers have with what fine art photography models is that the definition itself is fluid. The reason is very simple; the definition of art is fluid. When someone thinks about art, they immediately envision visual arts - paintings, photographs, sculpture and in some instances, architecture. The confusion is based on the fact that the concept of art has changed, regularly over the millennia.

Fine art photography models the creative impulse. It is the desire to create something out of nothing or to alter, subtly or definitively, one thing into another. Art itself is not just about the visual, but all the senses. A gourmet meal is art for the palate. A beautiful perfume is art for the nose. A soaring symphony is art for the ears. A thick, plush rug can be art for the tips of the fingers or the soles of the feet. Art is generic and specific and limited and unlimited.

Humans are exceptionally creative beings. They manufacture tools from bits of bark, clothing from plants and learned how to rub two sticks together to make fire. This fantastic creative ability exists in some degree in all people, so what is it that sparks art? Since survival and procreation are human functional necessities, the excess of this creative energy pours into endeavors that neither fill the belly nor renew the species. Fine art photography models this ideal, giving life to food for the mind and the soul.

In a perfect world, fine art photography models dreams or desires. It touches on ideas never thought or emotions that lurk beneath the surface. Fine art photography models the compelling nature of being human. Fine art photography models the divine, the known and the unknown, the inescapable existence of something more than self.