Saturday, July 25, 2009

Underwater Photography of Models in Pools Gets Feet Wet

Cameras for underwater photography of models in pools can be pretty expensive. For the layman just getting a feel for it, the best bet is to buy the single use cameras. The single use cameras have the benefit of being virtually indestructible and inexpensive to boot. There's also the fun of fooling around with underwater photography of models in pools.

Learning a new skill, not to mention getting the chance to take lots of pictures of friends or family is an added benefit. Summer time is a great time to explore, experience and experiment. If the thought of capturing colorful and exquisite pictures of live coral reefs is stimulating, start working the kinks out of the process by practicing underwater photography of models in pools in the swimming pool.

Chlorinated water will give a much different light effect than can be found in the ocean. Go into the deepest part of an eight-foot swimming pool to take pictures of the legs above for underwater photography of models in pools. Come up for air and then dip down again, but stay closer to the surface. Take a few more. Shift the position of the camera and the angle. Try it from all sides.

By practicing the different methods of underwater photography of models in pools a person can get used to shifting light patterns. For a real variety, try the practice in the early morning, mid-afternoon, evening and after sunset. The multitude of different light levels will add a different depth and shading to each picture.

An instructor trying to determine the seriousness of his class in underwater photography of models in pools set up a unique exercise in the practice pool. The bottom of the pool was painted with a picturesque scene. Unbeknownst to the students, he used a trick with airtight canisters and snap glow sticks to create different patterns and shifts on the bottom of the pool. Every day, the students of underwater photography of models in pools met, the pattern had been changed. The change did not get noticed until two nighttime classes fell in a row. Students struggled to compensate for the oddly shifting light patterns and the instructor was satisfied. In the ocean, the light, weather, tide and much more can shift without a lot of warning, so understanding small shifts was an important lesson in underwater photography of models in pools.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Warmup Filter for Portrait Photography Suppresses Light

A warmup filter for portrait photography is a fundamental tool. The warmup filter for portrait photography comes in several different varieties. In general, the filter will add warmth to the light and instead of bleaching out the subject of the picture. The filter may also add a warm tan to the skin of a person, no matter what their skin tone is. Pale skin reflects light and increases the bleaching effect.

In general, a warmup filter for portrait photography suppresses blue casts or to soften unwanted details such as wrinkles or blemishes. The ability to offer clear details, sharpening the image of the eyes and features while toning down the crow's feet in the corners of the eye is essential. People seek out professional portraits for that exact reason.

For the amateur photographer, using a warmup filter for portrait photography can upgrade the quality of their shots. Filters can also be used to dress up a portrait. Sepia tones can be added by using a filter to add warm brown tone. The turn of the century look is very trendy in some circles. Costume portraits may feature the use of sepia to give the 'era' photograph an authentic feel.

Photographers specializing in travel shots, including national parks, ocean landscapes, mountain peaks and shots involving snow employ the use of a warmup filter for portrait photography. The suppression of overwhelming brightness and blue in pictures of beaches or snowy areas can reduce the glare effect tremendously. The clarity of the image offers the feeling of being present inside the image. That feeling is what helps sell travel images and travel magazines.

There are multitudes of filters available for use as a warmup filter for portrait photography. Specialized filters are best used indoors and others outdoors. A warmup filter for portrait photography is the most used form of filter by photographers. A warmup filter for portrait photography can be used for scenic pictures, outdoor portraits, and travel images including beaches, cityscapes and more. Personal taste and experimentation determine the best type of filter for a photographer's camera.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Video Photography Philadelphia Touches On Unity

Couples plan to have their wedding take place in Philadelphia because of the state's rich history. Wedding video photography Philadelphia lends an economic boost to the travel industry both locally and statewide. In one of the oldest cities in America, wedding video photography Philadelphia takes advantage of the classic, traditional and Victorian settings.

Philadelphia is the birthplace for the ideas that lead Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution was drafted by the Founding Fathers after numerous meetings in the city. The cradle of democracy for the U.S. is a powerful and potent allure for couples declaring their love and unity to form a more perfect union. Wedding video photography Philadelphia provides the services to document the event.

Home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, this city draws many tourists from all over the United States. Travel on a quick get-away, can into plans for wedding bells in a place where new ideas congregated and flourish. While the wedding locations certainly capture the interests of those planning the event, wedding video photography Philadelphia does not end with the ceremony.

For some couples the event has just begun and is continued as a joyful holiday for all of the wedding party. The Pocono Mountains region is a common recreational attraction, featuring nature's diversity in seven state parks and one national preserve. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a favorite for the wedding party to enjoy water sports, fishing, and golfing. If guests want to rev up the fun, they can attend the Pocono Raceway that is sure to add action for wedding video photography Philadelphia footage.

Resorts cater to summer and winter visitors, making it an idea retreat for wedding receptions year round and a fun setting for wedding video photography Philadelphia. Wedding video photography Philadelphia specialists can find business opportunities in resorts that offer the most accessible and closest skiing to the East Coast. Many brides can be found tossing the bouquet as they jet down the snowed covered hills on a pair of skis. Wedding video photography Philadelphia would not be complete without such a fun filled shot to add to the collage of historical, romantic, and unique memories captured to be cherished for years to come.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Young Adolescent Art Photography Opens Eyes

Young adolescent art photography upholds Albert Einstein's statement that imagination is more important than knowledge. Teaching children about art, art appreciation and nurturing that education into their adolescence and early adulthood should be a critical part of education. Young adolescent art photography is but one example of the type of classes that could be offered to students aged 9 to 13.

Budget considerations reduce funds that support the arts, because they are not deemed 'necessary.' Exposure to fine arts, including young adolescent art photography, teaches students to recognize and utilize the visual mediums as a form of communication. Studying fine arts develops critical thinking and analysis skills. Learning to evaluate an object or an idea by truly considering it rather than accepting the surface value leads to better decision-making.

Fine arts, such as young adolescent art photography, are essential to the developing mind. It is one thing to read about historical facts and figures and another to see the representations in the world of art. How better to write a report on a cultural tradition than to analyze the artwork associated with it? Understanding the application of the visual arts to communicating ideas, concepts, morals as well as prejudice, bias and hate couldn't be more vital.

Young adolescent art photography may only offer rudimentary understanding of the work involved in being a photographer. The point is not to teach a trade skill although the class provides some basics. The learning experience, however, opens the mind to possibilities and applications. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at a shot from a different angle to see the real picture.

Education requires understanding. Reading, writing, history and arithmetic are important tools for further education. If they were the only fundamentally necessary education required, colleges would not exist. Fine arts, including young adolescent art photography, employ the tools learned from the others, but hones the mind. The critical thinking skills learned in a young adolescent art photography class can help students with further studies in literature, mathematics, science, philosophy and more. Teaching is prepares the mind to meet the challenges of the future. Fine arts classes such as young adolescent art photography are eye-openers.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Underwater Photography of Girls Opens A New Realm

Many artists in the field of underwater photography of girls start out young and inexperienced. Although this conceptual artwork is somewhat new to the public, reputable and well-studied professionals can be found in several countries practicing both for commission and fun. Underwater photography of girls can be seen in publications featuring everything from fitness, medications, psychology, skin care, to swimwear.

Beginning as a hobby for most, underwater photography of girls has changed the lives of many photographers that were once stuck in the local discount photo studios. Mainstream photographers who have picked up this new technique have found that the natural elements involved, such as light reflection, only contribute to the surprising results. While each photo alone is a piece of art, a collage of photos or a repetitive sequence of the same image can make a big impact on the observer. Each shot of the female form submersed in water is unique and inspiring for artists and admirers.

The weight of the water gives every move a sense of slow motion, allowing the photographer to catch tiny details that might have been missed otherwise. For example, a hair tossed action shot of a woman with long hair might be harsh and pixilated when taken in the wind. Underwater photography of girls makes use of the waters natural ability to act as a gel form around every movement, allowing the flow of the girl's hair to continue in a smooth pattern, with less shutter sensitivity.

While underwater photography of girls can be exhilarating and profitable, it can be taxing as well. Physical fitness is a necessity for both the photographers and the female models. Of course the need to be a proficient swimmer is demanded not just for style purposes, but also for the safety of everyone involved.

Underwater photography of girls requires a great deal of dedication and time to become proficient. Several young artists have found that it is easier to learn the art by becoming and understudy or apprentice to specialists in the field of underwater photography of girls.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Photography Los Angeles Makes Memories

Wedding photography Los Angeles helps take the frustration out of planning a day of dreams. Anyone who has ever been involved with planning a wedding will be aware of the amount of time and energy, even for small ceremonies. Wedding photography Los Angeles focuses on weddings that take place in Los Angeles, but the overall advice is good for most wedding planners.

Wedding photography Los Angeles believes that when it comes to planning wedding, it's important to not just assume a photographer can read minds. The reputation of a photographer may be fantastic and their portfolios worthy of their reputation, however it's important to make a list of the types of shots wanted for the wedding album. For example, one couple may want a large number of candid photos whereas another may want only the photos that required posing. Assuming the photographer will know without being informed can lead to a sense of disappointment when the photos arrive, so avoid that by making instructions and wishes explicit.

With a little preparation ahead of time, including knowing the rules of the wedding location (i.e. Church, garden, yacht club, etc), the day of the wedding should dawn without concern over the photographs. Wedding photography Los Angeles endorses a relaxing day for the wedding. If the photographer has the prepared list, information and details, then let he or she do their job. They will take the photos requested as well as other shots, including getting ready for the wedding, the set up the bride may miss, during, after and any others.

Posing for family pictures, bride's family, groom's family, attendants, personal friends and more are all part of the process in wedding photography Los Angeles. The process should not be tedious or mentally exhausting. When all is said and done, it's also important to remember that the photographer spent their entire day working, so a thank you never hurts.

The key thing about wedding photography Los Angeles is making memories that will last a lifetime. Marriage is the legal and emotional statement of love uniting two individuals. Photographs are designed to mark momentous and everyday occasions, allowing future records for children, family and friends. Wedding photography Los Angeles considers the making of memories worth more than a little pre-planning. Weddings can be pricey events. Photographs to mark the occasion can be as well so it's vitally important that the pictures provide the memories the couple wanted.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White Trash Photography Perpetuates Stereotypes

White trash photography actively portrays and depicts prejudice that is both racial and class oriented. The term white trash originated in the early portion of the 19th century, coined by black slaves to refer to the poor white men who would work the fields alongside them. The nature of white trash photography perpetuates the stereotype of the poor white man, living on the edge of 'society.'

There are two archetypes in white trash photography. The first is typically working class, blue collar or lower and remarkable only for their gritty appearance, tired eyes and fatigued expressions. The tone of the pictures indicates a broken down person, scrabbling just to get by.

The second archetype of white trash photography is the jolly old country folk. The Jed Clampett, poor, but proud and capable of an easy smile. The laugh lines are deeply etched into the faces of the subjects. Life may have them at a chokehold, but it won't keep them there. There is a simplicity and faithfulness that is implied in this image. A reminder that a slower paced life has reward.

What is remarkable at the racism inherent in white trash photography is the targeting of social and economic class along with the race. It would be simplistic to suggest that a similarly derogatory theme would not be acceptable were it targeting another race. The images are contradictions, neither as simplistic nor as straightforward as one might imagine.

For example, the jolly old country fellow with his laughing eyes is a reminder to the rat race that how a person chooses to face life is their own choice. White trash photography doesn't seek to be a social consciousness, but does supply a subtler message than what is apparent on the surface. The hardened blue-collar worker, dirty and beaten is the loss of hope. This type of white trash photography reminds what can happen when one does give up, when one allows life to dictate the terms. White trash photography perpetuates a stereotype, but with deliberate invitation to look beneath the surface to the message below.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Young Photography Contests Challenge Education

Young photography contests offer junior amateurs an opportunity to demonstrate their skill. Offered by schools, libraries and even local newspapers, young photograph contests are generally broken into age categories as well as content. Entries can include still life's, portraits, pet portraits and action shots. Young photography contests are excellent opportunities to receive everything from a mention in the newspaper to a scholarship.

Advertising for young photography contests is not limited to magazines or websites. While some contests for youths exist on the web, the majority is printed in local newspapers or newsletters. Teachers may mention the contest, but unless it is related to a project or the school contains a photography class, it's unlikely.

Most local newspapers feature an events section or a kid's section of sometime. Young photography contests would likely be advertised in youth oriented periodicals or guide sections. Few fees are requested for entries and in only a very few instances does a student qualify for a large summary cash prize. Scholarship awards are more likely and for the amateur photographer, even a $2,000 scholarship towards college education is a worthy goal.

Instructors and parents should be involved in preparation for youth photography contests. Parents can help with transportation, supplies and moral support. Maintaining involvement in a child's hobbies and interests keeps lines of communication open. Parents should also review any contest rules prior to the teen submitting their work.

Teachers can help their students with youth photography contests by hosting one each semester for the local class. Challenging photographers to reach beyond themselves, exploring their own talent through image and more is a large part of the promotion youth photography contests offer. Capturing memories, developing ideas and submitting dreams teaches teenagers to view the world from many angles and many different perspectives. Youth photography contests capitalize on the education the camera provides with the support and guidance of instructors and parents. Ultimately, participation in the contest is not about winning so much as it is about doing a personal best. In photography, there are no winners or losers, only fantastic pictures.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Erotic Bondage Photography Art Restrains Inhibitions

People could write books about erotic bondage photography art and probably have. The use of the word bondage conjures images of slavery and servitude. Erotic bondage photography implies a form of sexual slavery. To some people, this is simply an exploitation of rape.

Whatever the viewpoints on the matter, erotic bondage photography art does not explore servitude, slavery or rape. All three of those concepts are about the forcible removal of power and imposition of another's will. Bondage as depicted in this form of art is about the willing surrender of control.

Yes, control and power are similar concepts but they are not exactly the same. Erotic bondage photography art is about the liberation of pleasure and surrender of inhibitions. The reasons why people choose to participate in bondage are as varied as the subject matter. One way to explain the appeal of bondage art is to consider the sub-genre in romance novels of the bodice ripper. The bodice ripper often features heroines being unwillingly ravished by the hero, they experience pleasure and quite often develop deep feelings for their 'captors' because they were not allowed to tell them no. While bodice rippers and bondage art are not exactly similar, the same emotions are generated and venerated by them.

Erotic bondage photography art is complicated. The concept is complicated and understanding the concept is complicated. The surrender is about trust, not power. The decision to surrender and willing submission displays deep and abiding trust in a partner. The trust is about putting not only control into the hands of another, but pleasure as well. It is not unusual to wonder how anyone can derive pleasure from restraint, yet is not one of the most erotic portions of getting to know a potential lover, the expression of attraction without consummation?

Trust is a word that can be tossed around with ease, but experiencing it to the point of handing total physical control over to someone else is rare. Erotic bondage photography art tries to catalog and display this very visceral interlude. Fear, misunderstanding and disapproval color the way the worldviews erotic bondage photography art. Yet, even the most vanilla of sexual partners may engage in a bit of role-playing and erotic bondage photography art grasps those fleeting moments as well.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Child Figure Photography Is Not About Sexuality

Child figure photography is a controversial issue in some circles. The very definition of figure photography is taking pictures of the unclothed human form. Nude pictures of children are considered taboo save for a few family snapshots of the toddler in a bathtub. Child figure photography is not limited to representing the nude.

Images of children are innately suited to the world of photography. Primarily, the camera preserves a child's image through still photography, child figure photography or portraiture. The preservation stops time, letting the image 'recapture youth' in the future. Children grow and develop rapidly, often times too rapidly for parents. Pictures let them suspend the moment forever either framed on the wall or in a photo album.

The study of the human form for artists is important for painters and sketch artists. A child's proportions are quite different from an adult. The enlarged head at birth makes up about a quarter of their total height. A child is also born with adult sized eyes. A baby's eyes are often remarkable although they are very large in direct proportion to their heads. Without study either through models or child figure photography, an artist can render a child who looks too adult by utilizing the wrong proportions.

Child figure photography for artistic purposes is not an exploitive medium. The human body is often a source for artistic inspiration and study. The body of a child is remarkably different from an adult. The most obvious differences are height and physical proportions. In terms of human sexuality, children appear quite neutral distinctive only by the presence of genitalia.

Pornography places a greater emphasis on the child's genitalia than child figure photography. Objections to photographing nude children are rooted in abhorrence to the idea of a child as a sexual figure. Sexuality is a part of a child's development and natural evolution as they mature. Child figure photography captures both personality as well as the figure's proportions without interest in sexuality or the lack thereof. Childhood images captivate viewers, whether for study, practice or simple enjoyment.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Boudoir Photography Lingerie Makes Something Out Of Nothing

Intimate portraits for lovers are the goal of boudoir photography lingerie. Inviting a photographer into a bedroom setting to capture portraits of personally erotic creates a unique gift for a person's lover or spouse. The boudoir photography lingerie is a part of the erotic voice in the composition. While nudity might be expected in a bedroom portrait designed purely to stimulate and please a lover, sometimes less is more.

Intimacy and skin are not the equivalent. Photographers of boudoir photography lingerie understand more than most that a woman's attractiveness or sexual being is not identical to every other woman. This type of portrait requires an investment of time, money and trust. The setting is always a bedroom, usually in the photographer's studio but also an individual's own home if they desire. These are the client's decisions based on the photographer they choose and the portrait they have in mind.

The trust is required because to capture a moment of profound intimacy requires a level of vulnerability many would be wary to show to a stranger. Yet it is that very vulnerability that boudoir photography lingerie emphasizes to create the erotic openness that lovers share in frankness with each other. There is no embarrassment to be seen in lingerie or in a sheet or in the nude between lovers.

A photographer choosing a career in boudoir photography lingerie has to learn how to create a comfortable atmosphere for the client. Although the client may have requested the photo shoot, it may take dozens of shots and hours of posing to capture the one ideal image that satisfies both client and professional. They have to be open to the fear the client feels at being so candid and vulnerable.

It takes a special type of person to excel at boudoir photography lingerie. It takes someone who can make a woman feel beautiful and attractive without being threatening. It takes someone who can draw desire out of inhibition without being personally involved. It takes someone who blends understanding of the woman from all aspects, but pulling away the public layer to reveal a deeply private face. The boudoir photography lingerie photographer must be patient, kind and most of all understanding. Every client will be nervous, but with the right photographer, they can work together to create a mesmerizing and unforgettable image that may surprise even the client.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aerial Photography Vashon Capturing The Pacific Northwest

Aerial photography Vashon keys photographs unique to the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the artic. Whether using infrared technology to study currents or leading aerial photography Vashon safaris, the eagle eye view reveals width and breadth of pristine nature. Domestic 'safaris' have become as popular for nature hobbyists and tourists as bird watching, deer hunting and wildlife observation has to the camera enthusiast. Building bridges between one perspective and another takes time, commitment and access to a new way of seeing.

The unique perspective aerial photography Vashon employs allows tourists; photography enthusiasts, professionals and the curious explore the wonders of nature from high above. Their access to a new perspective comes aboard a bridge of technology, allowing man ascension to the heaven's eye view. Looking down upon the expanse of Puget Sound and sweeping northwards across Canadian and Alaskan wilderness. Skim the coastlines and follow the migration of whales. Truly see the vastness of the natural world available to the modern man.

Man has forever tried to tame nature and reshape it to his will. The battle began as a way to survive and perpetuate the species. No longer dependent on that battle to survive, man has conquered some aspects of nature but remains vulnerable to others. Learning to respect the landscape and treasure the intrinsic value of an untamed wilderness is taught through the lens of the camera in aerial photography Vashon.

The heavens gaze down upon the planet with imagined emotions of dispassion and pity. Soaring into the heavens, whether in a prop plane, a wind glider or an airplane specifically outfitted for aerial photography Vashon is a humbling experience. Riding the wind currents, watching the lay of the land unfold in an array similar to a quilt and the seams of life creased by mountains and human habitats. Aerial photography Vashon can alter the way man views the world. Aerial photography Vashon can alter the way man views his relationship to the world. The marriage of technology to primitive relations between man and nature is the fantastic benefit for the photographer and everyone allowed a glimpse into what he or she has seen.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Infrared Aerial Photography Interpretation Assesses Risks

Infrared aerial photography interpretation is utilized in many different arenas. Professionals in infrared aerial photography interpretation may also be photographers, but not necessarily. Assessing risks and evaluating areas are all a part of infrared aerial photography interpretation. The following discusses many of the benefits of interpretation, save for the military applications.

Banks make loans every day for automobiles, houses, land and businesses. The loans may be personal or for products. Before making large loans to businesses or for property, the bank can use an infrared aerial photography interpretation specialist to analyze flood determinations and environmental law liability.

Legal professionals use infrared aerial photography interpretation in forensic evidence. Aerial photography may document surface conditions, general activity in an area whether it is remote or in a city as well as any natural or unnatural physical boundaries. Admissible in courts, the forensic evidence collected can be pivotal in determining what happened.

In the areas of archaeology and prospecting, infrared aerial photography interpretation can help the professionals narrow their searches for history and minerals respectively. Comparing historical data including the lay of the land to an aerial photograph will help archaeologists determine valid dig sites. Geologists and mineralogists can interpret data collected from the aerial photograph about mine conditions for re-opening one, starting one or needing to clean industrial pollution away from one.

Aerial photography combined with infrared aerial photography interpretation can document changing environmental conditions. Using aerial photography volcanoes can be tracked. Areas devastated by environmental disasters - manmade or natural - can be monitored for assumption of normal characteristics including the return of flora and fauna. Some disasters can be predicted and minimized through the work of these specialists.

With so much information available to so many different occupations, infrared aerial photography interpretation fills a very integral niche. Without infrared aerial photography interpretation, these jobs could be accomplished but take far longer with more complications. Technology, insight and cooperation hasten the way business is done, by improving safety both physically and legally. Infrared aerial photography interpretation does not see everything, nor predict everything. However, it has proven a very successful tool for many industries and nations.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Human Body Art Photography Is Works In Progress

Human body art photography is utilized in several photography disciplines. From the nude or naturist to the airbrush artist to the use of the human body as a canvas. One of the most well known examples of human body art photography was the nude Demi Moore clothed only in paint. The picture was a first for a popular magazine perhaps, but not for the art form itself.

Conflicting views comprise the true greatness of found in human body art photography. What a photographer envisions, arranges and photographs will not determine the reaction of the audience to the image. The concept of the human body itself as art is as old as the concept of art. From cave paintings to digitization, the human body is reflected, transformed and depicted throughout history.

The human body is fascinating creation and provides a valuable source for ideas, beauty, lines, supple formations, color, shadows and light. What is about the human body that invites so much attention from artists? Being human means seeing many sides. Drawing, photographing or painting the human body allows those other sides to be seen. The many faces and bodies of humanity are infinite. Human body art photography takes that one step further engaging the body as a setting as well as the subject of the work.

Using the body as a part of the setting, such as the surface boats glide across or the park where children play is another method of employing human body art photography. There are as many possibilities as there are people. The interpretative nature of humanity along with their creative impulses is how art is borne. Through the development and appreciation for art, communication channels open in a language that is translated by the soul and not the mind.

Human body art photography can be used for all kinds of projects. Art appreciation classes study the use of the human body throughout the art world. Advertisers may employ human body art photography to sell products through identification and unification. Painters and graphic artists may use human body art photography to test ideas, develop or expand them.

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