Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aerial Photography Vashon Capturing The Pacific Northwest

Aerial photography Vashon keys photographs unique to the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the artic. Whether using infrared technology to study currents or leading aerial photography Vashon safaris, the eagle eye view reveals width and breadth of pristine nature. Domestic 'safaris' have become as popular for nature hobbyists and tourists as bird watching, deer hunting and wildlife observation has to the camera enthusiast. Building bridges between one perspective and another takes time, commitment and access to a new way of seeing.

The unique perspective aerial photography Vashon employs allows tourists; photography enthusiasts, professionals and the curious explore the wonders of nature from high above. Their access to a new perspective comes aboard a bridge of technology, allowing man ascension to the heaven's eye view. Looking down upon the expanse of Puget Sound and sweeping northwards across Canadian and Alaskan wilderness. Skim the coastlines and follow the migration of whales. Truly see the vastness of the natural world available to the modern man.

Man has forever tried to tame nature and reshape it to his will. The battle began as a way to survive and perpetuate the species. No longer dependent on that battle to survive, man has conquered some aspects of nature but remains vulnerable to others. Learning to respect the landscape and treasure the intrinsic value of an untamed wilderness is taught through the lens of the camera in aerial photography Vashon.

The heavens gaze down upon the planet with imagined emotions of dispassion and pity. Soaring into the heavens, whether in a prop plane, a wind glider or an airplane specifically outfitted for aerial photography Vashon is a humbling experience. Riding the wind currents, watching the lay of the land unfold in an array similar to a quilt and the seams of life creased by mountains and human habitats. Aerial photography Vashon can alter the way man views the world. Aerial photography Vashon can alter the way man views his relationship to the world. The marriage of technology to primitive relations between man and nature is the fantastic benefit for the photographer and everyone allowed a glimpse into what he or she has seen.