Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Human Body Art Photography Is Works In Progress

Human body art photography is utilized in several photography disciplines. From the nude or naturist to the airbrush artist to the use of the human body as a canvas. One of the most well known examples of human body art photography was the nude Demi Moore clothed only in paint. The picture was a first for a popular magazine perhaps, but not for the art form itself.

Conflicting views comprise the true greatness of found in human body art photography. What a photographer envisions, arranges and photographs will not determine the reaction of the audience to the image. The concept of the human body itself as art is as old as the concept of art. From cave paintings to digitization, the human body is reflected, transformed and depicted throughout history.

The human body is fascinating creation and provides a valuable source for ideas, beauty, lines, supple formations, color, shadows and light. What is about the human body that invites so much attention from artists? Being human means seeing many sides. Drawing, photographing or painting the human body allows those other sides to be seen. The many faces and bodies of humanity are infinite. Human body art photography takes that one step further engaging the body as a setting as well as the subject of the work.

Using the body as a part of the setting, such as the surface boats glide across or the park where children play is another method of employing human body art photography. There are as many possibilities as there are people. The interpretative nature of humanity along with their creative impulses is how art is borne. Through the development and appreciation for art, communication channels open in a language that is translated by the soul and not the mind.

Human body art photography can be used for all kinds of projects. Art appreciation classes study the use of the human body throughout the art world. Advertisers may employ human body art photography to sell products through identification and unification. Painters and graphic artists may use human body art photography to test ideas, develop or expand them.