Monday, July 20, 2009

Young Adolescent Art Photography Opens Eyes

Young adolescent art photography upholds Albert Einstein's statement that imagination is more important than knowledge. Teaching children about art, art appreciation and nurturing that education into their adolescence and early adulthood should be a critical part of education. Young adolescent art photography is but one example of the type of classes that could be offered to students aged 9 to 13.

Budget considerations reduce funds that support the arts, because they are not deemed 'necessary.' Exposure to fine arts, including young adolescent art photography, teaches students to recognize and utilize the visual mediums as a form of communication. Studying fine arts develops critical thinking and analysis skills. Learning to evaluate an object or an idea by truly considering it rather than accepting the surface value leads to better decision-making.

Fine arts, such as young adolescent art photography, are essential to the developing mind. It is one thing to read about historical facts and figures and another to see the representations in the world of art. How better to write a report on a cultural tradition than to analyze the artwork associated with it? Understanding the application of the visual arts to communicating ideas, concepts, morals as well as prejudice, bias and hate couldn't be more vital.

Young adolescent art photography may only offer rudimentary understanding of the work involved in being a photographer. The point is not to teach a trade skill although the class provides some basics. The learning experience, however, opens the mind to possibilities and applications. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at a shot from a different angle to see the real picture.

Education requires understanding. Reading, writing, history and arithmetic are important tools for further education. If they were the only fundamentally necessary education required, colleges would not exist. Fine arts, including young adolescent art photography, employ the tools learned from the others, but hones the mind. The critical thinking skills learned in a young adolescent art photography class can help students with further studies in literature, mathematics, science, philosophy and more. Teaching is prepares the mind to meet the challenges of the future. Fine arts classes such as young adolescent art photography are eye-openers.