Sunday, July 12, 2009

Young Photography Contests Challenge Education

Young photography contests offer junior amateurs an opportunity to demonstrate their skill. Offered by schools, libraries and even local newspapers, young photograph contests are generally broken into age categories as well as content. Entries can include still life's, portraits, pet portraits and action shots. Young photography contests are excellent opportunities to receive everything from a mention in the newspaper to a scholarship.

Advertising for young photography contests is not limited to magazines or websites. While some contests for youths exist on the web, the majority is printed in local newspapers or newsletters. Teachers may mention the contest, but unless it is related to a project or the school contains a photography class, it's unlikely.

Most local newspapers feature an events section or a kid's section of sometime. Young photography contests would likely be advertised in youth oriented periodicals or guide sections. Few fees are requested for entries and in only a very few instances does a student qualify for a large summary cash prize. Scholarship awards are more likely and for the amateur photographer, even a $2,000 scholarship towards college education is a worthy goal.

Instructors and parents should be involved in preparation for youth photography contests. Parents can help with transportation, supplies and moral support. Maintaining involvement in a child's hobbies and interests keeps lines of communication open. Parents should also review any contest rules prior to the teen submitting their work.

Teachers can help their students with youth photography contests by hosting one each semester for the local class. Challenging photographers to reach beyond themselves, exploring their own talent through image and more is a large part of the promotion youth photography contests offer. Capturing memories, developing ideas and submitting dreams teaches teenagers to view the world from many angles and many different perspectives. Youth photography contests capitalize on the education the camera provides with the support and guidance of instructors and parents. Ultimately, participation in the contest is not about winning so much as it is about doing a personal best. In photography, there are no winners or losers, only fantastic pictures.