Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pubescent Girl Art Photography Changes Women

Pubescent girl art photography focuses on emerging womanhood. Too often used as a phrase advertising incestuous pornography or exploitation, pubescent girl art photography catalogs the captivating and sometimes frightening experience of transformation. For many cultures, the onset of puberty is a mark of maturation from child to young adult. In Western Society, this transition is observed without ritual and usually in the privacy of a family.

Other cultures, for example the Apache view the time of transformation to womanhood as a time of great magic. It deserved reverence for it honored the Changing Woman; the goddess who could be reborn in the power unleashed as a girl shed her childhood and became a woman. Pubescent girl art photography can be used to capture the images of the ceremonies, to see the alteration in the eyes and facial expressions.

For some the change seems to be all encompassing, altering appearance significantly. For others, puberty has less effect. While the physical maturation of the body is not a gauge of emotional maturity, pubescent girl art photography focuses on the positive and natural changes. In earlier societies, when a girl became a woman, she was ready for marriage and the keeping of her own home. The physical change dictated readiness, not the physical age when the change took place. The change also dictated a new routine for the newly transformed woman, a role and purpose unique to the cultural dictates and taboos of her society.

Pubescent girl art photography must encapsulate all that is different for a child undergoing a very personal transformation. For the women in the family, there is a new kinship and an understanding of a mystery. Pubescent girl art photography shows this change in feminine relationships. The bond between a mother and daughter grows as the mother guides her child and helps her to understand what is happening. Older sisters, grandmothers and aunts relate to what the young girl is going through and ease the burden with stories, advice and love. Pubescent girl art photography reminds women of a change every one of them has experienced with wonder, terror and anticipation.