Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Female Body Photography Is Popular In Advertising

Female body photography employs the concept that the feminine cannot be defined by any one image. In female body photography, a woman with well-defined muscles is not particularly offensive even if it contradicts socially defined roles of gender. Female body photography mainstreamed by the fitness industry is not limited to that arena. Pictures of women are innately attractive to both male and female. For women, these photographs may demonstrate an ideal to aspire to while for males it helps to define what is and is not attractive to them.

Unsurprisingly female body photography is a popular art form as well as advertising form. It is not unusual to employ pictures of women as part of before and after photographs for weight loss or muscle building. Images of ballet dancers can capture the grace of an unusual dance movement or a series may demonstrate a particular series of complicated steps for study.

Female body photography is a conscious form for the mainstream media to invite the interest of key demographics. The use of the feminine image is equally true whether the point is to sell a hot car or to sell a new idea. Ideas that employ the concepts of a woman's image are quite literally unrestricted.

For the lens of a camera, all body types qualify as subjects for female body photography. Whether the subject is the toddler in a pair of diapers, the four-year-old girl with the curly mop of hair showing off a Coppertone tan or an elderly woman shaking hands with a doctor, images of women sell concepts, ideas and products because body types are as unlimited as the products themselves.

It is not unusual therefore to accept the truism of sex sells with female body photography. Actually, it is very normal to sexualize whether in female body photography or male body photography. Humans are innately sexual creatures and it would be obtuse to assume that sexualizing men or women through photography is obscene. Female body photography is capable of the most intimate images as well as the most impersonal. The level of intimacy will be developed between the photographer and their subject as well as the photographs and their audience.