Friday, September 25, 2009

Intimate Glamour Wedding Photography For A Personal Touch

Intimate glamour wedding photography is custom-tailored to the couple and their personality. Intimacy is the feeling of being close and belonging together. Glamour is about the presentation of the subjects in the picture. Intimate glamour wedding photography is about presenting the wedding and the bridal couple in images that explore not only their personal relationship, but also the personalities intertwined within the wedding itself.

The beauty of this type of coverage is the true treasure trove of memories that can be created with intimate glamour wedding photography. A photographer can use a variety of tools from filters, angles, specialized film and even different camera lenses. Getting to know the couple as well as their own bursts of creativity is ultimately what helps the photographer create a completely unique wedding album.

A common complaint of wedding photography is the similarity of shots from one wedding to another. When a couple plans their wedding, they are not necessarily looking for a cookie cutter album. A wedding where one parent officiates the ceremony and the family in attendance includes great-grandparents and great-grandchildren may invite the use of sepia tones. Focusing on the strong family ties in the photos with the sepia reminiscent of a past time. This is what intimate glamour wedding photography does best.

The photographer interested in intimate glamour wedding photography must learn to develop a relationship with their clients. The level of attention both to personalities and to details will allow the photographer to see beyond the client/professional relationship to understanding the couple. It would not be uncommon for the photographer to talk to the bride, groom, bridal party and family as available. A funny story from a grandparent might spark an idea that leads to a great picture.

Intimate glamour wedding photography creates magical ways of viewing magical memories. Whether a traditional wedding in a Church, on a beach or at an amusement park, intimate glamour wedding photography is about encapsulating the emotions of the day into the photographs for a lifetime. Opening a wedding album filled with shots from intimate glamour wedding photography is like opening a window to the couple it features. Their families, their guests, their officiator and their wedding are all reflective in some way of who they are as individuals and a couple.