Thursday, September 3, 2009

San Diego Family Photography Takes Advantage

Family homes are recognizable by the pictures decorating the walls and San Diego family photography recognizes that need. Taking a picture is a once in a lifetime moment for every single frame of film used. The pressure to collect those moments individually and together reassures both past and future generations that they will not be forgotten. San Diego family photography is about memories, not art.

One particular of San Diego family photography is documenting the life of children. From the moment they are born, parents want to catalog every breath, every movement, and every smile, even the ones that result from gas. Taking pictures is documented evidence of the powerful love that grows every day of a child's life. It is not just the first moments that parents want, but every moment indelibly stamped on disk or photographic paper.

The frustration in getting some of those moments handled professionally or personally in San Diego family photography is the fact that posing a baby is harder than pushing a car uphill in the rain. There are no threats, no supportive remarks and no orders that can make a by do any more than be a baby. Recognizing that limitation can decrease the sense of futility when it comes trying to get the 'perfect' shot.

A baby's age is going to dictate a great deal of how much, if any, they can pose. Newborns (0 to 12 weeks) have to be laid on something, period. They can't sit up, hold their head up or do anything. They don't care about the camera, but they might reject the lights and don't bother to get a googly shot if they're hungry, because they'll scream until they're fed. A large number of San Diego family photography photos present sleeping infants.

After 12 weeks, chances to pose improve. They can hold their head up a bit. By 24 weeks to 36 weeks they are starting to sit up. This is an ideal age for San Diego family photography because they can be arranged in careful poses that let them sit up in everything from pull wagons to benches to oversized buckets. After a year though, all bets are off because once a baby starts to pull itself up and gain mobility, a photographer may have a few seconds to get the shot after a pose before the child heads elsewhere.

The charm of San Diego family photography is the documentation of growth. Every picture has a story, a moment for 'awww' or laughter or even a half-chuckled grimace. What makes San Diego family photography fun is the fact that the interpretation of the pictures is parental pride and love. Parents want to share the image of their child with friends, family and eventually the little scamper in the picture when they grow up.