Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sensual Female Photography Arouses The Senses

Sensual female photography should not be confused with sex. The terminology that may seem interchangeable in conversation is not in art. Images of sensuality are not about sexual stimulation of the physical body. Sensual female photography embraces arousal by admiring all things that are beautiful. A woman's body is among one of the two finest creations in existence. Simple, complicated, subtle, obvious and bursting with life, it is a glimpse of the divine.

Exploring the world of women through sensual female photography is to admire the beauty and strength that exists in each individual. Women comprise one half of the human species and number into the billions in population. It is a mistake to believe that all women are one woman.

A woman is unique unto herself. She is a being of intelligence, beauty, creativity and sensitivity. She is the product of her relationships, both genetically and environmentally. She responds to the world around her in her own manner. She is capable of fantastic deeds, terrible mistakes and everything in between. Sensual female photography refines that image for each and every woman.

The vagary of human nature includes a desire for change while seeking sameness. As humans are both products of faith and science, so are each individual comprised of conflict and compassion, change and stagnation, life and love. Sensual female photography is how photographers explore this part of humanity through the lens of their camera.

Sensual female photography is often misunderstood and categorized. There are thoughts that support and thoughts that condemn nude photography of any kind as degrading. Sensual female photography doesn't require nudity, the nude body may be the best subject, stripped of an outer shell and only allowing what is within to shine through. As a planet filled with differing nations, religions, classes, races and environments, it is hard to imagine a time or a place when humanity will be of singular mindset. Differences separate, but they also define, enrich and allow dialog to see beyond the differences. But because art, including sensual female photography, is seen individually by the beholder, there will always be objectors and supporters.