Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting Up A Photography Or Portrait Business Means Planning

Starting up a photography or portrait business doesn't just happen because someone buys a camera and starts to take a few pictures. Starting up a photography or portrait business requires careful thought, planning, decision-making and capital.

The first question to ask if a person is thinking about starting up a photography or portrait business: is what type of business do they want? Are they a freelance photographer traveling around to get action shots? Are they opening a portrait studio? Will they specialize in a particular category of portraits? Do they plan to have a studio in their home or a studio elsewhere? Do they already have a portfolio of work? The answer to the last question will actually help secure start up costs as well as clients, because hiring a photographer means trusting their work. A portfolio is essential for that.

Essentially, starting up a photography or portrait business is a terrific opportunity for the right people. Experienced photographers can spin their own experience into selling points for such a business. With the right business plan, investors can be lured into providing capital. In many places, portrait photography studios are quite lucrative. Competition between chain operations and local businesses remains fierce. Despite the quick turnaround of the larger chains, the local studios offer uniqueness, quality and personal style. Immediate gratification is not always a high selling point when the final product is expensive and weak.

A person with a strong interest in photography whether they are an amateur or a professional can enjoy starting up a photography or portrait business if they enjoy people. Photography is a sales and product related service. Portraits, whether family, pet or executive, require interaction with a lot of people. It's important to recognize that communication and interaction are requirements for success.

During the planning stages of starting up a photography or portrait business develop a sound business plan. The model should include the goals and mission of the business, the amount of investment necessary to open the front doors. Itemize expenditures, including renting a location, purchasing equipment and props. Include a breakdown of picture packages and services. Plans for starting up a photography or portrait business must include profit generation. Advertising as well as plans to develop a clientele, including grand opening events are of similar importance.