Friday, September 11, 2009

Technique Aerial Photography Is All About Perspective

Technique aerial photography is nearly as old as photography itself. Human fascination with the world above dates back thousands of years. No matter the cultural or religious belief system, a person standing upon a high peak can see a view that inspires both awe and feelings of superiority. To stand 'on high' where people look like ants, if they can be seen at all. Technique aerial photography embraces this eagle eye view to attain the unattainable.

The earliest technique aerial photography began with Gaspar Felix Tournachon in 1858. This feat is truly impressive when one understands the fact that Tournachon needed to develop the plate while it was still wet. Everything involved in taking the photograph had to be done in less than 20 minutes. Tournachon was also in a balloon, 80 meters above in the sky. A true pioneer of the art, he went on to become the first man to photograph Paris from above as well. Balloons, kites and even pigeons were all utilized in the capture of aerial images. The courage and creativity the endeavors required is as awe-inspiring as the images must have been.

Technique aerial photography improved alongside both photography and aerial advances. Wilbur Wright took the first aerial shot from an airplane in 1909. Military applications were seen as early as the Civil War in the United States (1860 -1864), however no actual images survive from that period. Infra red film was a development in conjunction with the military applications, allowing images to see through hidden positions.

Today, technique aerial photography is vital component of the visual world. Images of the Earth taken from the moon, orbital pods and shuttles fill science textbooks and other documents. Satellite photographs track everything from weather patterns to coastal erosions to military movement. To see the planet through the technique aerial photography produces awe at the massive grandeur of the world. The viewpoint also isolates the individual and gives a fresh perspective on their place in it. The information technique aerial photography provides is invaluable. The beauty captured indescribable. The possibilities available are endless.