Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teen Art Photography Offers Kids Exposure

Teen art photography is a part of the diminishing fine arts programs in schools across the nation. In a world where money for sports programs is being trimmed back, it is unsurprising that arts programs are facing extinction. Efforts to keep classes like teen art photography available in high schools; districts are requesting parents pay a fee to supplement extracurricular activities including a fine arts program.

It may seem difficult to comprehend an education that doesn't include some appreciation for art whether it's teen art photography, painting or pottery. Yet, the economic demands of many educational systems are not met when state budgets cut are made in those departments first.

How can a student benefit from a teen art photography class? A fresh perspective on the world is the first benefit. The impetus to create is a second. Learning a trade skill that can become quite profitable later in life is a very close third.

The best thing any student can learn from teen art photography is what the majority of their educational opportunities should afford them: experience. Exposure to different ways of thinking, different ways of seeing, different ways of putting ideas together and different methods of communication helps students develop an idea for who they are and where they want to be.

A common problem that seems to be found more and more in the youth of today is a lack of direction. Exposure to classes like teen art photography is not the final answer to the problem, but is certainly a part of the solution. Education should open the mind, broaden the horizons and leave the mental landscape fertile for the development of new ideas to grow alongside the old ones.

Teen art photography offers students the ability to learn a camera. To look through the viewer and see the picture they will take, before they take it. Teen art photography teaches them the subtlety of light and how shadows can confuse, inhibit or completely change an image. Teen art photography teaches them about the beauty of disparate items and how to look beyond the surface of the picture to capture the true essence beneath the surface. Art offers students education for the heart and the soul as well as the mind.