Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nudist Photography Shows Perfection

Nudist photography refrains from the vulgar or the obscene. While pictures in a skin magazine may seem to be nudist photography, it's a mistake to believe that nudist photography is self-aggrandizing. Human biology amply demonstrates that men and women are all identical. This form of photography recognizes that innate sameness, yet at the same time raises the awareness of the differences.

No one form is greater or less than another. An obese woman, an emaciated one, a man in his 90s, a woman in her early 20s - they are all icons of beauty. The person, the personality, the frankness and frailty of humanity is not concealed by cosmetics or covered up by fashion. Nudist photography is not about the pop culture definition of attractiveness.

The size 2, flat-breasted woman with pre-pubescent leanness or the thick breasted, fuller hipped images popular in women's magazines are not the only ideals of nudist photography. By resisting categories and cliques, the style embraces the human form itself the only clothing of the 'cool' kids. With all the objects of wonder and beauty in nature, is it any question that the unclothed human form should be found remarkably beautiful?

Men in power suits and women in cocktail dresses resist the singular unity found in nudist photography. Pardon the use of a pun, but nudism is about naked truth. Stripping away the layers, shields and body armors of culture, financial persuasion, fashion and location is how nude images serve as a reminder that ultimately, beneath the clothes, all people are the same.

While there are some religious, social and in some areas even moral objections to the naked body, it's about crossing borders and allowing a view of the nude form without prejudice. The point of nudist photography is not to exploit the human body but to exalt it. The perfection found in nudist photography is that perfection is a fluid concept. Every nude form is perfect, because it exists and whether it fits some culturally defined mold of 'beauty' is irrelevant. In nudism, all men and women are created equally and beautifully. For the photographer, glimpsing perfection through the camera lens, nudist photography is truly about beauty in the eye of the beholder.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nude Models Nude Model Photography Involves Work

Nude models nude model photography is neither an easy job to obtain nor an easy job to perform. Like other models, nude models must measure up to the standards of the photographer hosting the shoot. They have to be comfortable with a great deal of exposure as well as a little. Nude models nude model photography can require imitations of intimacy or airs of disdain, but always long hours of holding poses while muscles protest and the body grows weary.

Often regarded with a sneer nude models nude model photography are not often considered to be hard workers. How difficult, after all, a layman can presume can sitting around in the buff be? The mistake lies in believing all a model does is sit like a lump of flesh. Nude models in art classes can and do hold the same pose for more than hour while the class works diligently to capture the lines of their body.

If one images that is a simple task, try to sit in the exact same position for five minutes. Do not turn the head, lift an arm or adjust the posture. Remain perfectly still, eyes focused on a solitary point. The average individual would find such an ordeal torturous. Nude models nude model photography experience this for hours on end. Holding a demanding pose until the photographer is satisfied and then shifting cramped muscles to hold a different one. Whether the model is sitting or standing, there is no relief from the absolute stillness often required in a large portion of nude photography work.

Dismissing pornography from the arguments against nude models nude model photography, the average model must be extremely self-disciplined. Unlike models in drawn or painted arts, the expression worn in nude models nude model photography must remain equally still for the entirety of the pose. A photographer may change his mind with the least provocation or a disruption in the environment can cause a shoot to extend. Patience, persistence and remembering to stretch fully between each pose can help participants in nude models nude model photography avoid stiffening up in too painful a fashion.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nude and Art and Photography Generate More Controversy

Discussing a topic that includes nude and art and photography is like opening a virtual can of worms. There is a little wiggly complaint for everyone. It's not just that nude and art and photography are neither liberal concepts nor pornographic ones. In fact, every political and religious faction can get behind these three little words nude and art and photography to make an argument that someone else wants to shout down.

Some religious conservatives find nude and art and photography to be pornography. The art appellation does not excuse the lewdness of the behavior. Their objections are usually focused on the 'acts' depicted rather than just the lack of clothing. There is a mentality that children will be harmed by seeing such images, weakening their moral fiber and leaving them more susceptible to sin or bad judgment.

Some liberals may or may not find nude and art and photography to be objectionable. The liberal mindset accepts that there is an appeal for some that does not exist for others. Just because nude art exists does not mean that every person will end up seeing it. Quite the opposite, frankly, the more controversy generated over objections and the more likely that people would hear about it.

The arguments seem valid on the surface, one side wants to dictate what is acceptable and the other wants to be able to just dictate what is acceptable for them. The fine line difference for nude and art and photography is that one group wants to make sure that it doesn't exist for people to see. The other group says go ahead and make it, but I don't have to look at it and I'll not be letting my child. A third group doesn't care, but does wish that nude and art and photography didn't make everyone flip out. As for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh factions out there? The opinions are as varied as the individuals themselves.

The baseline for artists about nude and art and photography is that art is a nebulous concept. What is artistic for one individual may not be for another. Deciding that nude and art and photography cannot be made, shown or sold in any fashion is to impose one opinion of artwork upon everyone else. Parents have the right to choose for their children, because that is what parenting is about. A government is not a parent for its citizenry. Let the debates continue because those debates are healthy. Does it matter if a consensus on nude and art and photography can never be reached? No, because art is a living, evolving concept from generation to generation. As long as there is art, there will be debate. As long as the debate continues, art will be allowed to keep growing.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naturism Art Photography Embraces A Way of Life

Naturism art photography embraces a lifestyle choice. Naturism promotes slipping the bonds of social taboo and mores. The unity of self cannot be achieved while draping the body in various forms of armor: specifically clothes. Naturism art photography examines the relationship of the inner self with the image presented to the rest of the world.

The clich� states that 'the clothes make the man' or the 'woman.' Naturism refuses to bow to this clich�, choosing freely to express themselves as the persons they are, not the images required by employers, co-workers, friends, family, neighbors and their community. Naturism art photography demonstrates the freedom of self-expression discovered when the barriers of dress are abandoned. The visual medium is especially powerful for such expressions of freedom. The visual image allows the viewer to make their own determinations, free of suggestion that is inherent in discussion, speeches and even books where those speaking or writing can flavor the work with their own points of view.

Group shots are favored in naturism art photography because they convey both the sense of community as well as casual ease with which nudity is regarded. The photographs are not gratuitous and are not limited solely to the images of 'perfection" by any societal standards. They are of everyday men and women, old, young, fat, thin, hairy, bald and even a few sporting some tattoos or other body art. They sit around in chairs, drinking a bear or sodas, chatting amiably.

When nudity is a matter of course, naturism art photography offers, and then the body is acceptable, no matter how it looks with or without clothing. Civilization and society offer boundaries that allow people to live together in harmony, but those same rules can also smother the sense of self, as they grow more and more complicated. Naturism hardly promotes gratification in spite of society. Instead, as shown in naturism art photography, it acknowledges the infinite variety found in sameness. The same equipment is available to each gender and the silk or polyester wrappings make none better than another. Where society may promote rules of class and physical beauty, naturism art photography promotes unity and equality.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nature Girl Photography Can Stimulate Change

Nature girl photography captures images of nature and those that inhabit it. In the case of nature girl photography, the obvious subjects would be female in their own environment. In the mid-eighties, a photographer named Steve McCurry took a photo of an Afghan girl that inspired change and understanding. Nature photographers are the best equipped for this type of inspirational work.

In nature girl photography, the composition or exposure matter less than the scene revealed in the developer. A clich� is a clich� because some level of truth is found in the words. The clich� most apropos in this case is a 'picture is worth a thousand words.'

Newsreels can talk about bloodshed and chaos in areas both near and far, but a photograph of an orphaned child suffering from malnutrition and disease demands a response. Nature girl photography provokes those responses and while the name may cause some to believe it involves the world of nature, they would be correct in part. Nature also refers to the natural environment of a person or thing. Humans survive in multiple environments whether tropical, urban, third world or country farm.

Nature girl photography takes advantage of the power of pictures by giving people a glimpse of life in a world removed from their own. The painful plight of AIDs victims, the sad reality of children killed by drive-by bullets aiming at other targets, natives struggling to make a meager living as their habitats are destroyed by industry and children raised more by institutions than parents as the economy demands more and more from the parents. Do the words summon feelings of sadness, outrage or compassion?

Perhaps in some small reflective moment that quickly passes as more pressing demands require thought. Nature girl photography, however, discovered the way to keep that thought in mind. These are images that captivate and haunt long after an initial viewing. It is hard to overlook that the world is affected only by the visceral, that which forces someone to feel. The visual medium cannot be ignored, because the mind will conjure the words needed to describe what the eyes see. Nature girl photography makes the most of this and the photographers who take their pictures use those opportunities to shed a little light into the darker, often overlooked corners of the human condition.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Naturalist Photography Offers A Different Look

Naturalist photography looks at natural history through the camera lens. The subjects of naturalist photography include, but are not limited to botany, zoology, geology, anthropology and archeology. Ultimately, what sets naturalist photography apart from other areas is the lack or diminishment of a human element cluttering the picture.

The composition of naturalist photography should focus on presenting the facts or at least the honesty of the scene depicted. For example, a photograph of the Grand Canyon, majestic and solitary does not need to be touched up with a brush nor require a person standing in the picture to capture the image. The art of this form is not found in documenting people, but rather documenting nature.

The popularity of naturalist photography can be found in museums, calendars, magazines, framed prints and coffee table books. As with still-life studies in painting classes, these photographs should focus on the elements honestly present. Taking pictures of plant life, animals or entire areas are both documenting their existence and allow others to be educated. Whether in a textbook, a gallery's show or offered as prints for purchase at novelty stores, the appeal of these photographs varies from person to person. A sunset for one, a raccoon for another and a lightening strike for still another.

It is unlikely that a large number of people have been up close and personal with a lion, but naturalist photography not only captures these close-up images, but also longer shots that capture them in their native environments outside of the zoo. Photographers engaged in this occupation whether as a career or a hobby, respect the very nature they catalog with their cameras. Some photographers are known to sit for hours waiting for the 'perfect' shot.

As urban sprawl continues to creep into areas once considered 'country,' naturalist photography spreads a very important message. A vital reminder of the power and majesty that required no human intervention to create, but will likely need to preserve. This preservation of nature is a part of the foundation behind naturalist photography. Whether scenes of destruction as a volcano erupts, the damage to a beach that a hurricane left behind or the beauty of a robin's egg being hatched, naturalist photography offers a different look at the world everyone occupies, but sometimes does not see.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Natural Body Photography Is Genuine Art

There are a lot of nude pictures available on the Internet, but only a handful qualifies as natural body photography. Natural body photography employs natural settings, natural light and natural models. Natural in this instance does mean nude because infants are born naked. Nudity is the natural state of humanity no matter what clothes they select to wear each day.

Artists such as Sherwin Carlquist raise the quality of art with their work in natural body photography. Carlquist's models are nude males photographed in motion. The variety of poses he captures is all the more amazing for the lack of any type of actual posing. His work combines the model with the landscape, offering new insights into the arrangement of the male body.

Commentary on Carlquist's natural body photography shows admiration for the photographs conveyance of motion. The technique blends landscape and model into symbiotic beings. The model moves over the land as though it were a free form gym. The landscape comes to life through the model's interaction. This synthesis of existence could not more beautifully portray the relationship of the human organism to the planet.

Western Society avoids depictions of male frontal nudity except in classical poses or settings. The unashamed use of the body in natural body photography enhances images. The combination of motion, landscape, model and the interaction of the composition are the vital ingredients in this category of photographic art. Sexual stimulation, arousal or exploitation are not remotely involved in the depiction.

The study of literature offers the summation of three primal sources for conflict in plots: man against his environment, man against man, man against himself. Natural body photography diverges to tell of other primal relationships. Natural body photography is about man's harmony with nature and his harmony with himself. Achieving a state of perfect harmony is not merely a Buddhist concept. Harmony with one's self and the environment can lead to harmony with others. The male form, so usually wrapped up in the cloak of threat and violence, is the perfect vehicle to convey a path to peace. Therein lies the genuine artistic value of natural body photography.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Muscle Male Model Photography Gets Real

Muscle male model photography is a growing trend in the fashion and fitness industry. The fitness industry exceeds $11.6 billion dollars annually in the United States alone. Fifty-two percent of women and forty-eight percent of men are health club members, yet only thirteen percent of the U.S. population seeks their fitness needs in health clubs. Alternatives, including those found in magazines featuring muscle male model photography help individuals work on fitness at home, the office, at play and on their own time.

Professionals featured in muscle male model photography know that a career as a model is based on determination, persistence and being willing to put themselves out there. The person on the covered of Fitness Now magazine developed his or her physique the same way everyone else has to: through hard work.

Considered glamorous by some muscle male model photography is about more than just flexing testosterone. It's about helping others get into shape. Yes, camera angles, lighting, a nice tan and some water spritzed onto the skin can help capture a sleek, muscular body with a light sheen of perspiration. The photo communicates that fitness, good muscles and a nice tan are possible, but they need to be worked for. Some may scoff because models make money getting their picture taken. So no, it's not an altruistic service they offer.

On the other hand, they are not offering an illusion either. Fitness is possible. Good muscles are possible. A solid, sleek physique is possible. Those possibilities require the same amount of effort, determination and persistence that the men of muscle male model photography spent on it. Too often people want something for nothing and while it would be desirable to look like a magazine cover, it can't happen for them.

Muscle male model photography is a personal challenge. People do not grow younger, but they can grow fitter whether they start taking care of their fitness needs at age twenty or age forty. Realistically the appearance of some men in muscle male model photography may not be achievable for someone without the right muscle type, height and coloring. On the other hand, the human body is capable of looking good in all its various shapes and sizes. A person doesn't have to resemble the models of muscle male model photography to be in good shape and physically attractive. They just have to be willing to work for it.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maine Panoramic Photography Maps More Than The Lay Of The Land

Maine panoramic photography is about landscapes, scenery and the marriage of history and nature. Maine panoramic photography includes images where the photographer captures the flavor of an area as well as just the 'view.' For the enthusiast, Maine panoramic photography is about passion and fun with the subject. Whether a tourist, a professional photographer or hobbyist, the state of Maine offers a wide variety of attractions.

Among the primary attractions of Maine panoramic photography are famous scenes that include the Portland Head Light, Acadia National Park and the incredible sight of Mount Katahdin. Although considered popular throughout northern New England, The image of Maine can be captured in photographs of its lighthouses, coasts, harbors, coastal towns, cities, rivers and lakes.

The unique landscapes and architectural buildings unique to Maine are what set it apart from other states. Perhaps the most closely associated commercial product to Maine panoramic photography are postcards, but the body of work that includes these panoramic vistas is not limited to just a singular view. A lighthouse photographed from above, near, far, the coast or up close offers varying different viewpoints for the connoisseurs of panoramic images.

Commercial or private, professional or hobbyist, these photographers capture the essential visual currency of the state of Maine. More than nineteen named lighthouses with different histories, tales and adventures associated with them can be captured in a single picture. Maine panoramic photography can simply illustrate changes to areas by using contrasting evidence of documents versus pictures.

In the broadest strokes, Maine panoramic photography allows both photographer and audience to take from the picture what they wish to. The only limitations exist in the eye of the photographer. It doesn't matter whether the philosophy of less is more or bigger is better is followed because capturing images of the landscape, the buildings and the people encompasses everything that comprises Maine.

Maine panoramic photography supports an intimate relationship with every facet of the state. It also provides a popular source for painters to practice their talent: landscape photographs. Whether they want to paint a lighthouse photographed during the first kiss of dawn or showered in sea spray during a thunderstorm, Maine panoramic photography incorporates all the elements of composition as well as taste, preference and of course, Maine.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Location Portrait Photography Pricing Is More Than Money

Shopping around for the best location portrait photography pricing can take a lot of research and patience. The average consumer, interested in getting the best product for the best price, will compare three to five stores to determine if one has a better price than another. Comparing location portrait photography pricing involves more than just checking studio web sites.

The first point to make note of in location portrait photography pricing is that whether the portrait is being taken in a studio or a beach, there is a fee. It costs money to take up the photographer's time without any guarantee of purchasing the product they film. In a studio, the fee is in the form of a sitting fee. Anywhere from ten to fifty dollars U. S. is expected up front from the moment someone walks in the front door before they can get in front of the camera.

Booking a photographer to come out to an offsite location will cost more. Logically, the price for location portrait photography pricing should involve a higher booking fee. The photographer will have to travel, carry equipment and set up at the chosen location whether it is indoors or out. The time involved can be considerable.

While many photographers will make concessions about the weather influencing a shoot and rebook the appointment, that is another factor in location portrait photography pricing. Wedding photographers are the primary location portraitists who actively work outside of a studio setting. It is not unusual to pay a minimum hourly fee to the wedding photographer in addition to a deposit.

With so many different fee structures, picture packages and photographers to choose from, it pays to be picky when examining the options. The location portrait photography pricing is only the tip of the iceberg. What may seem more expensive on one hand may offer a better deal on the portrait packages. The amount of the fee doesn't guarantee the quality. So take the time to check out the portfolios and to talk to the photographers that seem like good potentials.

The bulk of the cost in location portrait photography pricing will come from purchasing the finished products. Many photographers offer a small percentage off or include a portion of the fee to cover cost of portraits to encourage clients to buy them. Some location portrait photography pricing includes requirements to commit to a certain percentage of photos before a booking will occur. Though this is not typical of all location photographers, the requirement guarantees a sale and influx of capital for the photographer's business. Good location photographers go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction, even if it means a reshoot.

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