Friday, October 9, 2009

Location Portrait Photography Pricing Is More Than Money

Shopping around for the best location portrait photography pricing can take a lot of research and patience. The average consumer, interested in getting the best product for the best price, will compare three to five stores to determine if one has a better price than another. Comparing location portrait photography pricing involves more than just checking studio web sites.

The first point to make note of in location portrait photography pricing is that whether the portrait is being taken in a studio or a beach, there is a fee. It costs money to take up the photographer's time without any guarantee of purchasing the product they film. In a studio, the fee is in the form of a sitting fee. Anywhere from ten to fifty dollars U. S. is expected up front from the moment someone walks in the front door before they can get in front of the camera.

Booking a photographer to come out to an offsite location will cost more. Logically, the price for location portrait photography pricing should involve a higher booking fee. The photographer will have to travel, carry equipment and set up at the chosen location whether it is indoors or out. The time involved can be considerable.

While many photographers will make concessions about the weather influencing a shoot and rebook the appointment, that is another factor in location portrait photography pricing. Wedding photographers are the primary location portraitists who actively work outside of a studio setting. It is not unusual to pay a minimum hourly fee to the wedding photographer in addition to a deposit.

With so many different fee structures, picture packages and photographers to choose from, it pays to be picky when examining the options. The location portrait photography pricing is only the tip of the iceberg. What may seem more expensive on one hand may offer a better deal on the portrait packages. The amount of the fee doesn't guarantee the quality. So take the time to check out the portfolios and to talk to the photographers that seem like good potentials.

The bulk of the cost in location portrait photography pricing will come from purchasing the finished products. Many photographers offer a small percentage off or include a portion of the fee to cover cost of portraits to encourage clients to buy them. Some location portrait photography pricing includes requirements to commit to a certain percentage of photos before a booking will occur. Though this is not typical of all location photographers, the requirement guarantees a sale and influx of capital for the photographer's business. Good location photographers go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction, even if it means a reshoot.