Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maine Panoramic Photography Maps More Than The Lay Of The Land

Maine panoramic photography is about landscapes, scenery and the marriage of history and nature. Maine panoramic photography includes images where the photographer captures the flavor of an area as well as just the 'view.' For the enthusiast, Maine panoramic photography is about passion and fun with the subject. Whether a tourist, a professional photographer or hobbyist, the state of Maine offers a wide variety of attractions.

Among the primary attractions of Maine panoramic photography are famous scenes that include the Portland Head Light, Acadia National Park and the incredible sight of Mount Katahdin. Although considered popular throughout northern New England, The image of Maine can be captured in photographs of its lighthouses, coasts, harbors, coastal towns, cities, rivers and lakes.

The unique landscapes and architectural buildings unique to Maine are what set it apart from other states. Perhaps the most closely associated commercial product to Maine panoramic photography are postcards, but the body of work that includes these panoramic vistas is not limited to just a singular view. A lighthouse photographed from above, near, far, the coast or up close offers varying different viewpoints for the connoisseurs of panoramic images.

Commercial or private, professional or hobbyist, these photographers capture the essential visual currency of the state of Maine. More than nineteen named lighthouses with different histories, tales and adventures associated with them can be captured in a single picture. Maine panoramic photography can simply illustrate changes to areas by using contrasting evidence of documents versus pictures.

In the broadest strokes, Maine panoramic photography allows both photographer and audience to take from the picture what they wish to. The only limitations exist in the eye of the photographer. It doesn't matter whether the philosophy of less is more or bigger is better is followed because capturing images of the landscape, the buildings and the people encompasses everything that comprises Maine.

Maine panoramic photography supports an intimate relationship with every facet of the state. It also provides a popular source for painters to practice their talent: landscape photographs. Whether they want to paint a lighthouse photographed during the first kiss of dawn or showered in sea spray during a thunderstorm, Maine panoramic photography incorporates all the elements of composition as well as taste, preference and of course, Maine.