Saturday, October 17, 2009

Natural Body Photography Is Genuine Art

There are a lot of nude pictures available on the Internet, but only a handful qualifies as natural body photography. Natural body photography employs natural settings, natural light and natural models. Natural in this instance does mean nude because infants are born naked. Nudity is the natural state of humanity no matter what clothes they select to wear each day.

Artists such as Sherwin Carlquist raise the quality of art with their work in natural body photography. Carlquist's models are nude males photographed in motion. The variety of poses he captures is all the more amazing for the lack of any type of actual posing. His work combines the model with the landscape, offering new insights into the arrangement of the male body.

Commentary on Carlquist's natural body photography shows admiration for the photographs conveyance of motion. The technique blends landscape and model into symbiotic beings. The model moves over the land as though it were a free form gym. The landscape comes to life through the model's interaction. This synthesis of existence could not more beautifully portray the relationship of the human organism to the planet.

Western Society avoids depictions of male frontal nudity except in classical poses or settings. The unashamed use of the body in natural body photography enhances images. The combination of motion, landscape, model and the interaction of the composition are the vital ingredients in this category of photographic art. Sexual stimulation, arousal or exploitation are not remotely involved in the depiction.

The study of literature offers the summation of three primal sources for conflict in plots: man against his environment, man against man, man against himself. Natural body photography diverges to tell of other primal relationships. Natural body photography is about man's harmony with nature and his harmony with himself. Achieving a state of perfect harmony is not merely a Buddhist concept. Harmony with one's self and the environment can lead to harmony with others. The male form, so usually wrapped up in the cloak of threat and violence, is the perfect vehicle to convey a path to peace. Therein lies the genuine artistic value of natural body photography.