Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nature Girl Photography Can Stimulate Change

Nature girl photography captures images of nature and those that inhabit it. In the case of nature girl photography, the obvious subjects would be female in their own environment. In the mid-eighties, a photographer named Steve McCurry took a photo of an Afghan girl that inspired change and understanding. Nature photographers are the best equipped for this type of inspirational work.

In nature girl photography, the composition or exposure matter less than the scene revealed in the developer. A clich� is a clich� because some level of truth is found in the words. The clich� most apropos in this case is a 'picture is worth a thousand words.'

Newsreels can talk about bloodshed and chaos in areas both near and far, but a photograph of an orphaned child suffering from malnutrition and disease demands a response. Nature girl photography provokes those responses and while the name may cause some to believe it involves the world of nature, they would be correct in part. Nature also refers to the natural environment of a person or thing. Humans survive in multiple environments whether tropical, urban, third world or country farm.

Nature girl photography takes advantage of the power of pictures by giving people a glimpse of life in a world removed from their own. The painful plight of AIDs victims, the sad reality of children killed by drive-by bullets aiming at other targets, natives struggling to make a meager living as their habitats are destroyed by industry and children raised more by institutions than parents as the economy demands more and more from the parents. Do the words summon feelings of sadness, outrage or compassion?

Perhaps in some small reflective moment that quickly passes as more pressing demands require thought. Nature girl photography, however, discovered the way to keep that thought in mind. These are images that captivate and haunt long after an initial viewing. It is hard to overlook that the world is affected only by the visceral, that which forces someone to feel. The visual medium cannot be ignored, because the mind will conjure the words needed to describe what the eyes see. Nature girl photography makes the most of this and the photographers who take their pictures use those opportunities to shed a little light into the darker, often overlooked corners of the human condition.