Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nude and Art and Photography Generate More Controversy

Discussing a topic that includes nude and art and photography is like opening a virtual can of worms. There is a little wiggly complaint for everyone. It's not just that nude and art and photography are neither liberal concepts nor pornographic ones. In fact, every political and religious faction can get behind these three little words nude and art and photography to make an argument that someone else wants to shout down.

Some religious conservatives find nude and art and photography to be pornography. The art appellation does not excuse the lewdness of the behavior. Their objections are usually focused on the 'acts' depicted rather than just the lack of clothing. There is a mentality that children will be harmed by seeing such images, weakening their moral fiber and leaving them more susceptible to sin or bad judgment.

Some liberals may or may not find nude and art and photography to be objectionable. The liberal mindset accepts that there is an appeal for some that does not exist for others. Just because nude art exists does not mean that every person will end up seeing it. Quite the opposite, frankly, the more controversy generated over objections and the more likely that people would hear about it.

The arguments seem valid on the surface, one side wants to dictate what is acceptable and the other wants to be able to just dictate what is acceptable for them. The fine line difference for nude and art and photography is that one group wants to make sure that it doesn't exist for people to see. The other group says go ahead and make it, but I don't have to look at it and I'll not be letting my child. A third group doesn't care, but does wish that nude and art and photography didn't make everyone flip out. As for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh factions out there? The opinions are as varied as the individuals themselves.

The baseline for artists about nude and art and photography is that art is a nebulous concept. What is artistic for one individual may not be for another. Deciding that nude and art and photography cannot be made, shown or sold in any fashion is to impose one opinion of artwork upon everyone else. Parents have the right to choose for their children, because that is what parenting is about. A government is not a parent for its citizenry. Let the debates continue because those debates are healthy. Does it matter if a consensus on nude and art and photography can never be reached? No, because art is a living, evolving concept from generation to generation. As long as there is art, there will be debate. As long as the debate continues, art will be allowed to keep growing.