Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nudist Photography Shows Perfection

Nudist photography refrains from the vulgar or the obscene. While pictures in a skin magazine may seem to be nudist photography, it's a mistake to believe that nudist photography is self-aggrandizing. Human biology amply demonstrates that men and women are all identical. This form of photography recognizes that innate sameness, yet at the same time raises the awareness of the differences.

No one form is greater or less than another. An obese woman, an emaciated one, a man in his 90s, a woman in her early 20s - they are all icons of beauty. The person, the personality, the frankness and frailty of humanity is not concealed by cosmetics or covered up by fashion. Nudist photography is not about the pop culture definition of attractiveness.

The size 2, flat-breasted woman with pre-pubescent leanness or the thick breasted, fuller hipped images popular in women's magazines are not the only ideals of nudist photography. By resisting categories and cliques, the style embraces the human form itself the only clothing of the 'cool' kids. With all the objects of wonder and beauty in nature, is it any question that the unclothed human form should be found remarkably beautiful?

Men in power suits and women in cocktail dresses resist the singular unity found in nudist photography. Pardon the use of a pun, but nudism is about naked truth. Stripping away the layers, shields and body armors of culture, financial persuasion, fashion and location is how nude images serve as a reminder that ultimately, beneath the clothes, all people are the same.

While there are some religious, social and in some areas even moral objections to the naked body, it's about crossing borders and allowing a view of the nude form without prejudice. The point of nudist photography is not to exploit the human body but to exalt it. The perfection found in nudist photography is that perfection is a fluid concept. Every nude form is perfect, because it exists and whether it fits some culturally defined mold of 'beauty' is irrelevant. In nudism, all men and women are created equally and beautifully. For the photographer, glimpsing perfection through the camera lens, nudist photography is truly about beauty in the eye of the beholder.