Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Form Photography Female Body May Challenge Understanding

Form photography female body can entertain, challenge, confuse and even titillate the senses. Form is the most basic element in art. It is the structure that comprises the photo or painting no matter what shapes are employed. Form photography female body may be abstract or definitive. The grouping of the objects and the tone of the composition are all based in the structure the photographer utilizes.

It can be argued that all photographs of women use form photography female body in some form or another. All photos contain form because they have a structure derived from the composite shapes within the frame. It is not at all unusual for one piece of artwork to fit into more than one category. Art is a derivative form of communication due to the nature of cultural interpretation. It depends heavily on the viewer's predisposition to seeing what is present, what is suggested, what is absent and what that combination represents.

Artists that utilize a woman's body as the landscape of the photograph use form photography female body. This type of usage is the specific idea of this category. The body itself is merely an object or in the landscape concept, the canvas against which other objects are placed. In composites that involve blending two images or layering one image over another, a body may possess different objects for any part of the extremities or trunk. This abstraction employs the idea of the female body form while juxtaposing other ideas.

Form photography female body is not strictly limited to abstraction, either. A photograph using two females posed in such a way as to make another distinctive shape is also on par in this formula. Still life photography often associated with photos of fruit bowls or other groupings of similar objects employs a similar methodology to form photography female body. The tones, textures, colors, shapes are all a part of the form's composition. These ingredients allow subtext as well as context to be featured. Form photography female body may simply be a portraiture of the feminine, but may also be a metaphor for an idea nebulous or specific.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Children Photography Portrait Holds Time Still

It's every parent's desire and every parent's nightmare scheduling children photography portrait for their kids. The urge to document every step of a child's life doesn't alter whether it's the firstborn or third born. Children simply grow up too fast, especially in the first two or three years. Parents look at pictures taken the day the child was born and then to their very first sitting for children photography portrait. The time elapsed could be less than two months and yet visible changes have already taken place.

The first month slips into the second and then the third. In the first year, every month brings new discoveries, new quirks to the child's rapidly developing personality and the need for new children photography portrait work to be added to the family album. It is an accepted part of family life that walls are overburdened with pictures that range from newborn to infant to toddler to child and every holiday in between.

Some parents are lucky; their children cooperate with little coaxing. Other parents are left frustrated when the last person their child will attempt a smile for is the children photography portrait photographer. It might seem easier if the child is a ham for the camera, but that personality quirk possesses it's own drawbacks. The child who hams it up can rarely be caught in candid moments and real smiles vanish behind too many teeth. While not everyone can notice a true smile on a child, the parents can.

The dueling emotions of frustration and anticipation can leave parents waspish and harsh on the photographers they choose for children photography portrait work. The best photographers recognize that it isn't their talent that has the parents so frustrated. However mollified the photographer feels though, it is up to them to help these parents out because they have chosen he or she for their expertise. Summoning a smile from a recalcitrant child may seem impossible, but be creative.

Successful children photography portrait work occurs when the children relax. Some photographers have the parents step out and others keep them close. It's important to not berate the child and definitely don't rush them. Oddly, the younger they are, the more cooperative they will likely be. The toddler on the run has no interest in sitting still. A good rule of thumb for children photography portrait work with a toddler is to schedule extra time. Create a small area for the toddler to explore and get comfortable. Take some candid shots as they play. Creativity can make children photography portrait a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Female Model Photography Remains Trendy

The words female model photography immediately evokes images of tall, lithe beauties dressed in high fashion. The setting, popularized by television programs, is a brightly lit studio filled with assistants taking care of lights, wind machines, make up and spritzing. Female model photography demands physical perfection or unique looks that appeal from the women and high-strung, snappish men or women for the photographers. A mass of clich� fills the image of female model photography and while some of the clich� is based in truth, the rest is just a fabrication.

Models like Cindy Crawford, Twiggy and Tyra Banks fulfilled the beauty and looks categories that mark success in the realm of female model photography. But unlike those clich� figures they were neither lured, na�ve young girls seduced into a world of depravity and deprivation. Nor were they empty-headed beauties possessing only the brain wattage required to generate a smile. Instead, these models developed successful careers and lives.

Trends in fashion are still marked by female model photography whether at the shows of Versace or the latest Cover Girl ad campaign. Trends of using actresses as models follows the parallel thought process that brought some models to the screen. But whether selling a product, an idea or just their own image, the field of modeling continues to shift with the changing tides of a fickle public and even finickier profession.

Exclusivity marks female model photography. Although with retailers such as Lane Bryant and more employing female models that wear sizes above a 2, the exclusive veil is parting. No longer do women need to feel inadequate if they possess more mass than a stick or actual curves rather than the girlish figures promoted during certain trend cycles. Thick, lush figures, statuesque women and pixies have become fashionable rather than just a trend.

The truth of female model photography is the field isn't going anywhere. No matter how often the world of female model photography grows, changes or morphs itself, there will always be a place for it in advertising, public relations and information. Fortunately, the worldview of beauty continues to expand beyond the limitations imposed by the finicky profession and tricky trends that reinvent themselves year after year. Female model photography remains trendy, but no longer dictates the only trend available to women.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Female Glamour Photography Sells Standards

Female glamour photography is not about Glamour magazine or make up that is glamorous. Female glamour photography embraces the models who pose for the photographs as well as the women who take them as well as all those behind the scenes. What makes the women behind the scenes so important? Because women working together is a part of what puts the glamour in female glamour photography.

Imagine a photo shoot at 4 a.m. without a make up artist, a costumer, hair stylist and even the photographer's assistant? Could the model manage to look as beautiful so the photographer can take such a fabulous shot? In female glamour photography, it's about the end product and the sum of all the work it takes to get there.

Models are paid to look fantastic in whatever manner the photographer envisions. Someone must choose the clothes and take care of them, preparing them for the model to wear. The make up artist has to handle doing the cosmetics so the model will have just the right look. It would be inappropriate for a photo of a woman with poorly done cosmetics to be used as an example of female glamour photography unless there is an absolute point to it - such as a before and after shot. The hair stylist fixes the hair before, during and after the shoot. The assistant takes care of the lights, the set up, the location and the most important part of any photo shoot: the film.

Still, female glamour photography is not isolated to just fashionable beauty pageant type photographs. Glamour enhances, embraces and celebrates the natural beauty of women in all their forms. Whether she is old or young, thin or fat, blonde, redheaded or brunette. This is an industry that celebrates women, their photographs and everything that went into making them.

While choosing a glamorous life may not seem possible for everyone, admiring glamorous pictures is natural. Beauty sells and since that is the ultimate point of female glamour photography, it's important to consider that female glamour photography ultimately sells an image that is concocted, created and photographed to summon a reaction from any who view the photograph. Whether the point is to invite a potential customer into a shop, sell a tube of lipstick or encourage an investment in a new vehicle, female glamour photography is capable of meeting those and many more challenges.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Female Figure Studies in Photography Retools Artist Thinking

Female figure studies in photography have been used classroom studies. Introducing female figure studies in photography lets students begin their analysis on the structure of the figure and how it relates to the over all form. Female figures studies in photography require an emphasis on observational skills.

There are proportions, sensitivities and subtleties that can be revealed through female figure studies in photography. These achievements are dependent on the photographer's eye and use of light in the compositions. A figure half in and half out of shadow throws start relief over the visible portion. The shadowed portion can be estimated by the illusion of form the shadow takes from the revealed portion.

In art appreciation courses, fine arts courses, CGI technology training and the study of animation; female figure studies in photography are phenomenal tools. Hand animators and CGI animators must learn to either break down the components of a figure through numerous forms of media whether it is pictures, live models or recordings. Learning how a body moves, how the lines change and what affect light takes at each step improves the end result for animators.

Watching Sleeping Beauty dance in a magical forest or A-ko saving her friends life in a comic hero's turn is but one benefit of female figure studies in photography. Whether done for artistic, scientific or simply personal reasons, female figure studies are a fundamental part of the experience of art. Especially in a world where both artists and audiences are human.

For fans of animated films both foreign and domestic, female figure studies in photography have influenced those works profoundly. The hand artist demonstrates motion by drawing each individual frame, including microscopic shifts in posture, hand and body movements. Each frame must be meticulous reproduced save for the small fractional difference. As in female figure studies in photography, following the trail of frames can demonstrate an action or make it appear as though in motion. Animators are simply one profession that utilizes female figure studies in photography as a tool to support their own work.

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Family Naturism Photography Promotes Freedom

Family naturism photography is a natural development (pardon the pun) of the naturist movement. Naturists embrace the natural state of the body, preferring to go without clothes as much as possible, weather permitting. Family naturism photography reveals the carefree nature and beneficial effects promoted by naturism. In family naturism photography, the subjects are the people and the personalities, not the nude bodies.

The lack of clothing brings people closer to nature and family naturism photography supports this. The concepts of nudity being enjoyable and a healthy, natural way to live is also shown in photographs depicting a lone man, nude save for the hat on his head, standing on a rocky outcropping and quite obviously enjoying his view.

A photograph of boisterous children, reveling and obviously ready to dive into the cool water that awaits them is another example of family naturism photography. The nudity itself is incidental whereas the appearance of freedom and enjoyment are the focal points. While naturism promotes that clothing restricts air on the body and encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi, nudity is the natural condition and a naked person rarely smells offensively. The lack of offensiveness is demonstrated in family naturism photography.

The conservative opinion may loudly object to a way of life that allows families and friends to be casual about their nudity, but naturists will defend their choices. Examples of family naturism photography take little notice of the lack of clothes, focusing rather on the expressions, the actions or the lack thereof present in the composition. This same attitude is prevalent in naturism. Naked bodies are normal, imperfections and flaws are to be expected and there is no need to leer. The levels of sexual curiosity are limited in the children of naturists, because there is nothing for them to be ashamed of or anything to really label as 'forbidden fruit' about the opposite sex.

Family naturism photography illustrates this freedom from the shackles of society and definitions imposed on individuals by the type of clothing they wear. Family naturism photography supports the ultimate freedom of expression that embraces a natural way of life rather than a manufactured one. Naturism embraces a level of trust and comfort once believed to be common only to small towns in centuries past, because the barriers have been removed and as demonstrated in their photography --- people are just people.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exotic Male Photography Is More Than Just Skin

Exotic male photography is not the limited skin genre the word exotic lends to it. In fact, exotic male photography reveals images of males from around the world in their native dress, lands or environment. By depicting the many faces of man, exotic male photography provides educational looks at people and places they may never have heard of, much less seen.

The cowboy, rangy and long-legged, astride a dappled mare watches as cattle make their way across a stretch of blacktop highway into another field. The man's face is tanned to rugged leather with a hint of five' o'clock shadow along his jaw. The brim of his hat shadows his eyes. His boots appear weathered, dusty from use and his jeans are old and washed out. Focusing only on the man, the image could have been captured a hundred years before, but the blacktopped road and the presence of a cell phone riding his hip rather than a six-shooter jars the viewer to the reality of a modern cowboy. This is the power of exotic male photography.

Whether the image comes from the southwest of the United States, the snowy reaches of Alaskan winter, the jungles of South America or the arid reaches of the Sahara, the mixture of landscape, individual and culture give exotic male photography a unique perspective. Inexorably, these images appear in magazines, coffee table books, Internet websites and textbooks. Revealing new textures and layers to humanity teaches tolerance.

The contribution of exotic male photography to overcoming stereotypes cannot be discounted. In a world where fear categorizes a country, a race or a religion based on the actions of a few needs the insights offered through the camera's lens. Soldiers serving their country overseas whether in direct conflict or simply stationed reveal those preconceptions about the image of military personnel.

Exotic male photography is so much more than nude images of men. Exotic male photography offers more than cheap thrill or a fast dollar, it offers an idea, potential and in some cases, an education. Improving the world will require more than just a photograph, but every thing begins with an idea.

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Male Art Photography Represents A Clash Of Morality

Male art photography is hardly a new trend in the world of photography. As with other nudes, male nudes have been portrayed in art throughout history. The evolution of male art photography is decorated with everything from graphic images to conservative sensuality. Photographers such as James Spada, Robert Lalibert� and Johan Van Breukelen have all contributed texture, context and viewpoint to the world of male art photography.

Unfortunately, modern art photographers have to battle a 30-year-old stigma related to homosexual magazines featuring photographs of nude men in sexy poses. While the world of female nudes hardly suffered for the same graphic depictions in skin magazines, the male nude is considered to be pornographic. A trend, considered sexist, is not limited to the art world, but also includes feature films. Full frontal nudity for a woman is considered typical and not worth commenting upon, but full frontal nudity for a male in a film could black mark it from wide release. Showing a nude male from the rear is permissible, but still quite risqu�.

Socially acceptable versions of male art photography with regard to nudity must adhere to biblical themes. For example, a male photographed with a strategically placed leaf covering his genitalia. A nude male posed so that his genitalia is not visible or wearing a loin cloth also meets socially stigmatized standards of morality. The stigma is related to the concept that men are the target demographic for pornographic materials. The only audience for male nudity would have to be homosexual in nature and for moral conservatives this is not a demographic to be catered to.

Fortunately, the world of art is far more tolerant of differences no matter what relation. Male art photography covers a broad spectrum of physiques, cultures, archetypes and styles. The nude male is but a small offering in the world of male art photography. The focus of the art form include miming styles of centuries past, displaying ruggedness, lauding survival, compassion in the face of war and the list goes on and on and on. Male art photography embraces images of the nude male as welcomingly as it does all other images, for these images reveal man in light and in dark.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Couple Nude Art Photography Makes People Think

If nude art reveals the true person then couple nude art photography is the art of capturing the true relationship. Couple nude art photography focuses on the relationship between the couple. The relationship does not have to exist on an individual level. For example, the couple nude art photography could feature John and Jane, a happily married couple or Joe and Jill, two models who have never met prior to the shoot.

The core of relationships between men and women has filled libraries of thought. The subject is explored through couple nude art photography with similar effect. The natural expression of male and female relations can be caught on film in a variety of poses, lighting and compositions. The use of nudity reveals the base human with no image to control.

Just as not all couples are heterosexual, not all couple nude art photography will feature exclusively male and female companions. Two males can be a couple although not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way. Brothers in thought or war can be closer emotionally than a lover. By removing society's expectations and rituals with the clothes, the photographer can see past the surface to the connection below.

Couple nude art photography delves into uncomfortable territory for some. Some people may object to the nudity or the implication of sexual attraction or intimacies. Yet, it is the naked invitation to see 'truth' through the photographer's lens that creates discomfort. Philosophically speaking, everything people say or do is a truth depending on their point of view. To expose this perspective on truth is to acknowledge a level of validity. Ripping open the envelope to the wealth of emotions kept in check by societal expectation can be a rude experience.

The expression of emotional connections is a beautiful thing to behold. Connections decorate the landscape of an emotional life. Couple nude art photography captures the desire to make those connections. Couple nude art photography explores the way those connections change, shape or simply reveal individuals. Experiencing the images, the feelings, the thoughts provoked are the genuine results of art. That is how it should be. Couples nude art photography should make people think.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lingerie Glamour Photography Is Not A Secret Anymore

The secret of lingerie glamour photography is not about sex. Unsurprisingly, lingerie is associated with seduction and sex. While lingerie on a woman may be both suggestive and inviting, the point of lingerie glamour photography is empowerment. A woman's body is a work of art and should be adorned as such. Priceless furs, jewelry and perfumes are similarly intoxicants that empower.

Empowering the female sexual identity is about feeling beautiful, not seducing men. Popular films and television programs capitalize on promoting the male fascination of a scantily clad woman. The promotion creates an audience for the titillation. When that audience demands more, the media supplies it. Despite the seeming demand, the majority of lingerie glamour photography does not target that audience.

The audience for lingerie glamour photography is the woman. Through catalogs, fashion shows, ad campaigns, commercials and large lingerie departments seek to lure women. Specifically to purchase the items, however, it is not the promise of sex itself that baits the hook. In general, women are not as avidly seeking the sex act as men.

This does not mean that women do not enjoy it, or that there are not women who do seek it. Biology propels men to sow wild oats, presumably to insure the perpetuation of the species. Women, on the other hand, look for more before consummation. The argument may seem simplistic considering the reasoning behind lingerie glamour photography, but in general it proves valid.

Lingerie glamour photography appeals to a woman's need to feel attractive. Feeling attractive is a powerful confidence building sensation. A woman wearing a few bits of frothy lace under a power suit doesn't need to strip down for the men in the room to feel powerful. She knows she's powerful. Women's libbers may resent the idea, but a woman's personal confidence raises several notches when she 'knows' she is attractive. She doesn't have to prove it to any other person. She does not have to successfully 'conquer' a male nor does she need to see the effect on one. All she needs to do is feel that way. Lingerie glamour photography is about how a woman feels. When she feels good, strong, and attractive, she is more powerful.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Life Photography Of The Female Figure Is A Long-standing Tradition

Traditions such as life photography of the female figure are traditions because of the artistic fascination with the human form. The female body more particularly than the male because a nude woman is often viewed as both vulnerable and a sexual object. Males, whether physically attractive or not, are not viewed as such. Life photography of the female figure explores the many faces of Eve.

Using Christian understanding of the developing art form, women play a very important if understated role in the unfolding of the world according to the Bible. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, whores and slaves are featured in different portions with different emphasis. Life photography of the female figure acknowledges that it was a woman who took a bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden and at the same time it was another woman who gave birth in a small stable and three more who prayed at the feet of the Savior throughout the days of his crucifixion.

Life photography of the female figure is hardly limited to just the Christian imagery found within their works. The power and mystery of women lay in their unique mixture of vulnerability and strength. Powerful beings capable of carrying developing life within their own bodies and delivering it into the world, while at the same time seemingly at the mercy of male whims. The victims of history are often the women, stories forgotten or told only in the aftermath of destruction.

The focal point of the women's movements of the last two centuries includes the driving call to be named as equals and recognized as such. Life photography of the female figure is not about equality, far from it. No male is the equal of a female nor should they be. Unique unto themselves, empowered by different strengths, different emotions and different sensitivity. Life photography of the female figure seeks the many different translations of the feminine mystique with both respect and affection. It is not about gender selection, gender discrimination or even gender superiority, life photography of the female figure is about learning, comprehending and glorifying gender in all its forms.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New York Romantic Weekend Getaway For You And Your Love

A New York romantic weekend getaway for you and your love is perfect for any occasion. No matter what time of the year it is you will find plenty to do in New York. If you have been itching to propose to your loved one there is no better time or place than on a New York romantic weekend getaway. It is perfection at its finest. You will be able to choose from many of the most important sites in the world. And you have the security of knowing that no matter where you choose in New York it will be great.

A New York Romantic weekend getaway is also perfect for those who have been married for along time and are aching to get out of tow for the weekend. And don't forget those busy people who cannot take time off of work. A New York romantic weekend getaway is just the thing for those poor souls.

There is much more to New York than New York City you know. There is a whole state out there just waiting for you to discover it. And on your New York romantic weekend getaway you will be able to do just that.

The Adirondacks are a perfect place for you to visit on your New York romantic weekend getaway. You will be able to spend some time cuddling by the fire as well as adventuring outside. You will be able to go rafting on the Black River or play water sports on one of the many lakes in the area. Fishing, kayaking, swimming, you can do it all on your New York romantic weekend getaway.

The Hudson Valley is another magical place that you can visit on your New York romantic weekend getaway. You will be able to visit some of the finest wineries in the region and sample their wonderful wines. You can also visit many of the historic places that dot the landscape. It is fabulous and romantic and you and your partner are sure to enjoy the time you spend in the Hudson Valley.

New York romantic weekend getaways are filled with fun, adventure and relaxation. No matter what you enjoy doing you will find the perfect place to do it in New York.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Las Vegas Photography Studio Is Familiar

Based on the world image of sin city, a Las Vegas photography studio is likely a cross between a bordello and nightclub. It is hard to think of Las Vegas without thinking about the casinos, the shows or the pop culture image of a hip, trendy city where a man can be made or broken by his luck. The glamour and sin of Vegas is often mixed into a heady cocktail. But a Las Vegas photography studio could likely be transplanted to another city with no one the wiser for its origins.

Of course a Las Vegas photography studio will be unique to the photographer or chain that owns the establishment. Memorabilia that is suggestive of the city may or may not be displayed. The style of photography hosted by the studio as much as any other idea will influence the d�cor, setting and appearance.

There are a number of Las Vegas photography studio establishments for commercial photographers as well as portrait studios. Some mix and match business featuring packages for schools, yearbooks, family, wedding and corporate photography alongside their commercial work. Others focus primarily on the commercial, selling images of the locality as much as the images built and photographed in the studio itself.

With so many celebrities, politicians, wealthy individuals both foreign and domestic visiting the city, a Las Vegas photography studio also serves as workspace for commercials, print ads and conceptual ideas. The image of Las Vegas and the city of Las Vegas are two distinct entities. One caters to visitors and tourists, an endless supply of capital for the local economy. The other is for the residents whether they work on the strip or not.

Las Vegas photography studio work helps out local schools, colleges, businesses and more. World-class photographers make their home in the desert city. Artistic photographers working on portfolios and service oriented photographers providing images for a paying public. Photojournalists are also familiar sights alongside paparazzi and entertainment cameras. Las Vegas photography studio covers a multitude of sins and virtues. Don't let the idea of Las Vegas, good or bad, color the view of a Las Vegas photography studio without experiencing it first.

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