Monday, November 23, 2009

Children Photography Portrait Holds Time Still

It's every parent's desire and every parent's nightmare scheduling children photography portrait for their kids. The urge to document every step of a child's life doesn't alter whether it's the firstborn or third born. Children simply grow up too fast, especially in the first two or three years. Parents look at pictures taken the day the child was born and then to their very first sitting for children photography portrait. The time elapsed could be less than two months and yet visible changes have already taken place.

The first month slips into the second and then the third. In the first year, every month brings new discoveries, new quirks to the child's rapidly developing personality and the need for new children photography portrait work to be added to the family album. It is an accepted part of family life that walls are overburdened with pictures that range from newborn to infant to toddler to child and every holiday in between.

Some parents are lucky; their children cooperate with little coaxing. Other parents are left frustrated when the last person their child will attempt a smile for is the children photography portrait photographer. It might seem easier if the child is a ham for the camera, but that personality quirk possesses it's own drawbacks. The child who hams it up can rarely be caught in candid moments and real smiles vanish behind too many teeth. While not everyone can notice a true smile on a child, the parents can.

The dueling emotions of frustration and anticipation can leave parents waspish and harsh on the photographers they choose for children photography portrait work. The best photographers recognize that it isn't their talent that has the parents so frustrated. However mollified the photographer feels though, it is up to them to help these parents out because they have chosen he or she for their expertise. Summoning a smile from a recalcitrant child may seem impossible, but be creative.

Successful children photography portrait work occurs when the children relax. Some photographers have the parents step out and others keep them close. It's important to not berate the child and definitely don't rush them. Oddly, the younger they are, the more cooperative they will likely be. The toddler on the run has no interest in sitting still. A good rule of thumb for children photography portrait work with a toddler is to schedule extra time. Create a small area for the toddler to explore and get comfortable. Take some candid shots as they play. Creativity can make children photography portrait a pleasant experience for everyone involved.