Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Couple Nude Art Photography Makes People Think

If nude art reveals the true person then couple nude art photography is the art of capturing the true relationship. Couple nude art photography focuses on the relationship between the couple. The relationship does not have to exist on an individual level. For example, the couple nude art photography could feature John and Jane, a happily married couple or Joe and Jill, two models who have never met prior to the shoot.

The core of relationships between men and women has filled libraries of thought. The subject is explored through couple nude art photography with similar effect. The natural expression of male and female relations can be caught on film in a variety of poses, lighting and compositions. The use of nudity reveals the base human with no image to control.

Just as not all couples are heterosexual, not all couple nude art photography will feature exclusively male and female companions. Two males can be a couple although not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way. Brothers in thought or war can be closer emotionally than a lover. By removing society's expectations and rituals with the clothes, the photographer can see past the surface to the connection below.

Couple nude art photography delves into uncomfortable territory for some. Some people may object to the nudity or the implication of sexual attraction or intimacies. Yet, it is the naked invitation to see 'truth' through the photographer's lens that creates discomfort. Philosophically speaking, everything people say or do is a truth depending on their point of view. To expose this perspective on truth is to acknowledge a level of validity. Ripping open the envelope to the wealth of emotions kept in check by societal expectation can be a rude experience.

The expression of emotional connections is a beautiful thing to behold. Connections decorate the landscape of an emotional life. Couple nude art photography captures the desire to make those connections. Couple nude art photography explores the way those connections change, shape or simply reveal individuals. Experiencing the images, the feelings, the thoughts provoked are the genuine results of art. That is how it should be. Couples nude art photography should make people think.