Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exotic Male Photography Is More Than Just Skin

Exotic male photography is not the limited skin genre the word exotic lends to it. In fact, exotic male photography reveals images of males from around the world in their native dress, lands or environment. By depicting the many faces of man, exotic male photography provides educational looks at people and places they may never have heard of, much less seen.

The cowboy, rangy and long-legged, astride a dappled mare watches as cattle make their way across a stretch of blacktop highway into another field. The man's face is tanned to rugged leather with a hint of five' o'clock shadow along his jaw. The brim of his hat shadows his eyes. His boots appear weathered, dusty from use and his jeans are old and washed out. Focusing only on the man, the image could have been captured a hundred years before, but the blacktopped road and the presence of a cell phone riding his hip rather than a six-shooter jars the viewer to the reality of a modern cowboy. This is the power of exotic male photography.

Whether the image comes from the southwest of the United States, the snowy reaches of Alaskan winter, the jungles of South America or the arid reaches of the Sahara, the mixture of landscape, individual and culture give exotic male photography a unique perspective. Inexorably, these images appear in magazines, coffee table books, Internet websites and textbooks. Revealing new textures and layers to humanity teaches tolerance.

The contribution of exotic male photography to overcoming stereotypes cannot be discounted. In a world where fear categorizes a country, a race or a religion based on the actions of a few needs the insights offered through the camera's lens. Soldiers serving their country overseas whether in direct conflict or simply stationed reveal those preconceptions about the image of military personnel.

Exotic male photography is so much more than nude images of men. Exotic male photography offers more than cheap thrill or a fast dollar, it offers an idea, potential and in some cases, an education. Improving the world will require more than just a photograph, but every thing begins with an idea.