Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Naturism Photography Promotes Freedom

Family naturism photography is a natural development (pardon the pun) of the naturist movement. Naturists embrace the natural state of the body, preferring to go without clothes as much as possible, weather permitting. Family naturism photography reveals the carefree nature and beneficial effects promoted by naturism. In family naturism photography, the subjects are the people and the personalities, not the nude bodies.

The lack of clothing brings people closer to nature and family naturism photography supports this. The concepts of nudity being enjoyable and a healthy, natural way to live is also shown in photographs depicting a lone man, nude save for the hat on his head, standing on a rocky outcropping and quite obviously enjoying his view.

A photograph of boisterous children, reveling and obviously ready to dive into the cool water that awaits them is another example of family naturism photography. The nudity itself is incidental whereas the appearance of freedom and enjoyment are the focal points. While naturism promotes that clothing restricts air on the body and encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi, nudity is the natural condition and a naked person rarely smells offensively. The lack of offensiveness is demonstrated in family naturism photography.

The conservative opinion may loudly object to a way of life that allows families and friends to be casual about their nudity, but naturists will defend their choices. Examples of family naturism photography take little notice of the lack of clothes, focusing rather on the expressions, the actions or the lack thereof present in the composition. This same attitude is prevalent in naturism. Naked bodies are normal, imperfections and flaws are to be expected and there is no need to leer. The levels of sexual curiosity are limited in the children of naturists, because there is nothing for them to be ashamed of or anything to really label as 'forbidden fruit' about the opposite sex.

Family naturism photography illustrates this freedom from the shackles of society and definitions imposed on individuals by the type of clothing they wear. Family naturism photography supports the ultimate freedom of expression that embraces a natural way of life rather than a manufactured one. Naturism embraces a level of trust and comfort once believed to be common only to small towns in centuries past, because the barriers have been removed and as demonstrated in their photography --- people are just people.