Sunday, November 15, 2009

Female Figure Studies in Photography Retools Artist Thinking

Female figure studies in photography have been used classroom studies. Introducing female figure studies in photography lets students begin their analysis on the structure of the figure and how it relates to the over all form. Female figures studies in photography require an emphasis on observational skills.

There are proportions, sensitivities and subtleties that can be revealed through female figure studies in photography. These achievements are dependent on the photographer's eye and use of light in the compositions. A figure half in and half out of shadow throws start relief over the visible portion. The shadowed portion can be estimated by the illusion of form the shadow takes from the revealed portion.

In art appreciation courses, fine arts courses, CGI technology training and the study of animation; female figure studies in photography are phenomenal tools. Hand animators and CGI animators must learn to either break down the components of a figure through numerous forms of media whether it is pictures, live models or recordings. Learning how a body moves, how the lines change and what affect light takes at each step improves the end result for animators.

Watching Sleeping Beauty dance in a magical forest or A-ko saving her friends life in a comic hero's turn is but one benefit of female figure studies in photography. Whether done for artistic, scientific or simply personal reasons, female figure studies are a fundamental part of the experience of art. Especially in a world where both artists and audiences are human.

For fans of animated films both foreign and domestic, female figure studies in photography have influenced those works profoundly. The hand artist demonstrates motion by drawing each individual frame, including microscopic shifts in posture, hand and body movements. Each frame must be meticulous reproduced save for the small fractional difference. As in female figure studies in photography, following the trail of frames can demonstrate an action or make it appear as though in motion. Animators are simply one profession that utilizes female figure studies in photography as a tool to support their own work.