Monday, November 16, 2009

Female Glamour Photography Sells Standards

Female glamour photography is not about Glamour magazine or make up that is glamorous. Female glamour photography embraces the models who pose for the photographs as well as the women who take them as well as all those behind the scenes. What makes the women behind the scenes so important? Because women working together is a part of what puts the glamour in female glamour photography.

Imagine a photo shoot at 4 a.m. without a make up artist, a costumer, hair stylist and even the photographer's assistant? Could the model manage to look as beautiful so the photographer can take such a fabulous shot? In female glamour photography, it's about the end product and the sum of all the work it takes to get there.

Models are paid to look fantastic in whatever manner the photographer envisions. Someone must choose the clothes and take care of them, preparing them for the model to wear. The make up artist has to handle doing the cosmetics so the model will have just the right look. It would be inappropriate for a photo of a woman with poorly done cosmetics to be used as an example of female glamour photography unless there is an absolute point to it - such as a before and after shot. The hair stylist fixes the hair before, during and after the shoot. The assistant takes care of the lights, the set up, the location and the most important part of any photo shoot: the film.

Still, female glamour photography is not isolated to just fashionable beauty pageant type photographs. Glamour enhances, embraces and celebrates the natural beauty of women in all their forms. Whether she is old or young, thin or fat, blonde, redheaded or brunette. This is an industry that celebrates women, their photographs and everything that went into making them.

While choosing a glamorous life may not seem possible for everyone, admiring glamorous pictures is natural. Beauty sells and since that is the ultimate point of female glamour photography, it's important to consider that female glamour photography ultimately sells an image that is concocted, created and photographed to summon a reaction from any who view the photograph. Whether the point is to invite a potential customer into a shop, sell a tube of lipstick or encourage an investment in a new vehicle, female glamour photography is capable of meeting those and many more challenges.