Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Female Model Photography Remains Trendy

The words female model photography immediately evokes images of tall, lithe beauties dressed in high fashion. The setting, popularized by television programs, is a brightly lit studio filled with assistants taking care of lights, wind machines, make up and spritzing. Female model photography demands physical perfection or unique looks that appeal from the women and high-strung, snappish men or women for the photographers. A mass of clich� fills the image of female model photography and while some of the clich� is based in truth, the rest is just a fabrication.

Models like Cindy Crawford, Twiggy and Tyra Banks fulfilled the beauty and looks categories that mark success in the realm of female model photography. But unlike those clich� figures they were neither lured, na�ve young girls seduced into a world of depravity and deprivation. Nor were they empty-headed beauties possessing only the brain wattage required to generate a smile. Instead, these models developed successful careers and lives.

Trends in fashion are still marked by female model photography whether at the shows of Versace or the latest Cover Girl ad campaign. Trends of using actresses as models follows the parallel thought process that brought some models to the screen. But whether selling a product, an idea or just their own image, the field of modeling continues to shift with the changing tides of a fickle public and even finickier profession.

Exclusivity marks female model photography. Although with retailers such as Lane Bryant and more employing female models that wear sizes above a 2, the exclusive veil is parting. No longer do women need to feel inadequate if they possess more mass than a stick or actual curves rather than the girlish figures promoted during certain trend cycles. Thick, lush figures, statuesque women and pixies have become fashionable rather than just a trend.

The truth of female model photography is the field isn't going anywhere. No matter how often the world of female model photography grows, changes or morphs itself, there will always be a place for it in advertising, public relations and information. Fortunately, the worldview of beauty continues to expand beyond the limitations imposed by the finicky profession and tricky trends that reinvent themselves year after year. Female model photography remains trendy, but no longer dictates the only trend available to women.