Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Form Photography Female Body May Challenge Understanding

Form photography female body can entertain, challenge, confuse and even titillate the senses. Form is the most basic element in art. It is the structure that comprises the photo or painting no matter what shapes are employed. Form photography female body may be abstract or definitive. The grouping of the objects and the tone of the composition are all based in the structure the photographer utilizes.

It can be argued that all photographs of women use form photography female body in some form or another. All photos contain form because they have a structure derived from the composite shapes within the frame. It is not at all unusual for one piece of artwork to fit into more than one category. Art is a derivative form of communication due to the nature of cultural interpretation. It depends heavily on the viewer's predisposition to seeing what is present, what is suggested, what is absent and what that combination represents.

Artists that utilize a woman's body as the landscape of the photograph use form photography female body. This type of usage is the specific idea of this category. The body itself is merely an object or in the landscape concept, the canvas against which other objects are placed. In composites that involve blending two images or layering one image over another, a body may possess different objects for any part of the extremities or trunk. This abstraction employs the idea of the female body form while juxtaposing other ideas.

Form photography female body is not strictly limited to abstraction, either. A photograph using two females posed in such a way as to make another distinctive shape is also on par in this formula. Still life photography often associated with photos of fruit bowls or other groupings of similar objects employs a similar methodology to form photography female body. The tones, textures, colors, shapes are all a part of the form's composition. These ingredients allow subtext as well as context to be featured. Form photography female body may simply be a portraiture of the feminine, but may also be a metaphor for an idea nebulous or specific.