Friday, November 6, 2009

Life Photography Of The Female Figure Is A Long-standing Tradition

Traditions such as life photography of the female figure are traditions because of the artistic fascination with the human form. The female body more particularly than the male because a nude woman is often viewed as both vulnerable and a sexual object. Males, whether physically attractive or not, are not viewed as such. Life photography of the female figure explores the many faces of Eve.

Using Christian understanding of the developing art form, women play a very important if understated role in the unfolding of the world according to the Bible. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, whores and slaves are featured in different portions with different emphasis. Life photography of the female figure acknowledges that it was a woman who took a bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden and at the same time it was another woman who gave birth in a small stable and three more who prayed at the feet of the Savior throughout the days of his crucifixion.

Life photography of the female figure is hardly limited to just the Christian imagery found within their works. The power and mystery of women lay in their unique mixture of vulnerability and strength. Powerful beings capable of carrying developing life within their own bodies and delivering it into the world, while at the same time seemingly at the mercy of male whims. The victims of history are often the women, stories forgotten or told only in the aftermath of destruction.

The focal point of the women's movements of the last two centuries includes the driving call to be named as equals and recognized as such. Life photography of the female figure is not about equality, far from it. No male is the equal of a female nor should they be. Unique unto themselves, empowered by different strengths, different emotions and different sensitivity. Life photography of the female figure seeks the many different translations of the feminine mystique with both respect and affection. It is not about gender selection, gender discrimination or even gender superiority, life photography of the female figure is about learning, comprehending and glorifying gender in all its forms.