Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lingerie Glamour Photography Is Not A Secret Anymore

The secret of lingerie glamour photography is not about sex. Unsurprisingly, lingerie is associated with seduction and sex. While lingerie on a woman may be both suggestive and inviting, the point of lingerie glamour photography is empowerment. A woman's body is a work of art and should be adorned as such. Priceless furs, jewelry and perfumes are similarly intoxicants that empower.

Empowering the female sexual identity is about feeling beautiful, not seducing men. Popular films and television programs capitalize on promoting the male fascination of a scantily clad woman. The promotion creates an audience for the titillation. When that audience demands more, the media supplies it. Despite the seeming demand, the majority of lingerie glamour photography does not target that audience.

The audience for lingerie glamour photography is the woman. Through catalogs, fashion shows, ad campaigns, commercials and large lingerie departments seek to lure women. Specifically to purchase the items, however, it is not the promise of sex itself that baits the hook. In general, women are not as avidly seeking the sex act as men.

This does not mean that women do not enjoy it, or that there are not women who do seek it. Biology propels men to sow wild oats, presumably to insure the perpetuation of the species. Women, on the other hand, look for more before consummation. The argument may seem simplistic considering the reasoning behind lingerie glamour photography, but in general it proves valid.

Lingerie glamour photography appeals to a woman's need to feel attractive. Feeling attractive is a powerful confidence building sensation. A woman wearing a few bits of frothy lace under a power suit doesn't need to strip down for the men in the room to feel powerful. She knows she's powerful. Women's libbers may resent the idea, but a woman's personal confidence raises several notches when she 'knows' she is attractive. She doesn't have to prove it to any other person. She does not have to successfully 'conquer' a male nor does she need to see the effect on one. All she needs to do is feel that way. Lingerie glamour photography is about how a woman feels. When she feels good, strong, and attractive, she is more powerful.