Thursday, November 12, 2009

Male Art Photography Represents A Clash Of Morality

Male art photography is hardly a new trend in the world of photography. As with other nudes, male nudes have been portrayed in art throughout history. The evolution of male art photography is decorated with everything from graphic images to conservative sensuality. Photographers such as James Spada, Robert Lalibert� and Johan Van Breukelen have all contributed texture, context and viewpoint to the world of male art photography.

Unfortunately, modern art photographers have to battle a 30-year-old stigma related to homosexual magazines featuring photographs of nude men in sexy poses. While the world of female nudes hardly suffered for the same graphic depictions in skin magazines, the male nude is considered to be pornographic. A trend, considered sexist, is not limited to the art world, but also includes feature films. Full frontal nudity for a woman is considered typical and not worth commenting upon, but full frontal nudity for a male in a film could black mark it from wide release. Showing a nude male from the rear is permissible, but still quite risqu�.

Socially acceptable versions of male art photography with regard to nudity must adhere to biblical themes. For example, a male photographed with a strategically placed leaf covering his genitalia. A nude male posed so that his genitalia is not visible or wearing a loin cloth also meets socially stigmatized standards of morality. The stigma is related to the concept that men are the target demographic for pornographic materials. The only audience for male nudity would have to be homosexual in nature and for moral conservatives this is not a demographic to be catered to.

Fortunately, the world of art is far more tolerant of differences no matter what relation. Male art photography covers a broad spectrum of physiques, cultures, archetypes and styles. The nude male is but a small offering in the world of male art photography. The focus of the art form include miming styles of centuries past, displaying ruggedness, lauding survival, compassion in the face of war and the list goes on and on and on. Male art photography embraces images of the nude male as welcomingly as it does all other images, for these images reveal man in light and in dark.