Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photography Contest Of 2002 Is About Persistence

Amateurs entered the photography contest of 2002 as in years previous for experience, prizes and opportunities. There are numerous locations on the Internet and in magazines that publish lists of photography contests. It's important to investigate potential contests prior to entering, specifically because there are a large number of fraudulent operations looking to make a quick dollar. The photography contest of 2002 provided opportunities for both real and fraudulent contests.

Entering into an event like the photography contest of 2002 can be a tense experience. Some rules of thumb to remember: don't reinvent the wheel. Contests have rules for a reason. Follow them. If a photograph is entered into the incorrect category, it will be disqualified, no matter how well done the picture is. Experts advise writing the category on the back of the photograph as well as on the entry sheet. That will usually help prevent the entry being penalized for a mistake that happened after the photo was entered.

Fees are a huge warning sign of fraudulent operations and the photographer seeking a contest like the photography contest of 2002 should beware. Processing fees are not unusual in contests, but they do not generally amount to more than ten dollars in U.S. currency. If the contest wants a lot more money to even process the entry, it's a safe bet that it's a fraud looking to scam some money. There are no reasons they could give to justify exorbitant fees. So avoid the frustration of being taken for a ride.

Of course, avoiding scams and following the rules are not the only advice for amateurs seeking contests like the photography contest of 2002. Take pictures. Take lots of pictures. Hang onto the camera and look for the shots to take. Be aware that sometimes, even with the best circumstances, the perfect photo doesn't happen. It's human to be annoyed by the situation and give up on the next photography contest of 2002. This is the part that's hard. Don't let frustration sweep the potential prize out of reach. Winning the next photography contest of 2002 will be a combination of talent, preparation and persistence.