Thursday, December 31, 2009

Revealing Boudoir Photography Mixes The ID and Ego

Revealing boudoir photography fulfills Sigmund Freud's theories of psychosexual development. The complexity of his theories is not the topic of revealing boudoir photography, but the driving forces that develop how individuals interact with the world are. The importance of personality in revealing boudoir photography is significant because it captures the 'id' of a woman.

The id is a distinct part of the personality. It is all about fulfilling basic needs. Initially these are hunger, discomfort, pain, temperature or attention. A newborn is completely about id. Demanding fulfillment and immediate gratification without regard for another. The id is inherently selfish, it wants fulfillment. Revealing boudoir photography is satisfying to the id.

A woman wants to feel beautiful and desirable. Revealing boudoir photography gratifies that and leaves her with a reminder of that satisfaction. While she is not actively seeking to fill a physical desire, she is fulfilling a psychological and emotional one. This id gratification serves a dual purpose. The ego understands that others have needs and desires as well. The ego recognizes the id of others.

The portrait taken during revealing boudoir photography that grants the id's desire is ultimately a gift for another, usually a lover. Thus, the id and the ego work in concert, gratifying both in a manner quite similar to consensual sexual relations. The giving and the taking of pleasure is a healthy portion of a relationship. Taking great pleasure in a gift for another is quite normal.

Revealing boudoir photography is not quite the same as a designer watch or a new toy, but it makes both the giver and the receiver happy. The significance of revealing boudoir photography is the mutual exchange of enjoyment. The woman enjoys not only participating in the revealing boudoir photography session, but also the result. Her partner then enjoys the portrait and the desire she felt to go out of her way in making him a unique gift. She then gets to enjoy his reaction. While Freud may not have considered revealing boudoir photography an excellent example of his personality theory, they fit together rather snugly.