Saturday, January 2, 2010

San Diego Portrait Photography Can Spend A Day On Location

San Diego portrait photography enjoys the benefit of having the world famous San Diego Zoo as a location. Other locations for San Diego portrait photography include the sandy beaches and the exotic Sea World. Choosing the San Diego Zoo as a location gives those portraits a unique flavor and feels.

The world of photography embraces art and emotion. Family portraits, pet portraits, vacation pictures and human figure studies share the same tool: the camera. San Diego portrait photography could utilize a combination of digital and traditional photography, especially when working on location. Visitors to the San Diego Zoo enjoy sights like Giant Pandas, rare in their native country and only found in a small number of Zoos in the United States.

With the variety of backgrounds available, San Diego portrait photography might create portraits with animals, plant life, or decorative art in the background. Many shots can be taken at points all over the zoo with careful adherence to the zoo rules to not disturb the animals. Verifying that there are no objections to such a photo shoot in the zoo is the best plan prior to going. The only drawback to a portrait session in such a public place is the outdoor setting can cause weather interference and the potential presence of large crowds.

Photographs snapped by tourists and parents of young children at the zoo can have exotic compositions, impossible to replicate for the amateur. A professional in San Diego portrait photography should be able to compliment their portraits with the vibrant setting. One portrait session at the zoo and settling for bland backgrounds may become a thing of the past.

San Diego portrait photography professionals can maximize the natural light available. In areas of shade or shadow, the diffusion of light can create a different, yet no less valuable addition to a portrait. San Diego portrait photography professionals could incorporate animals into the portraiture or with digital photography create poster images layering different shots around the edges as a border for the body of the portrait in the center.