Sunday, February 7, 2010

Female Nude Photography Reveals The Bare Essence Of A Woman

Female nude photography embraces a long and beloved tradition in the world of art. Recognized as a medium for glorifying the inherent beauty of the nude form, it embraces a naturalistic approach. While female nude photography focuses specifically on nude females, the application of techniques, style and composition used in female nude photography are apparent in photographing male nudes as well.

Art classes often employ nude models or substitute nude pictures if a model is unavailable. Drawing the human form is a difficult undertaking for many aspiring artists and a benefit of photographic substitutes is the unlimited access the artist is afforded with their subject. Art models are used to holding their poses for long periods of time, but female nude photography overcomes the need for breaks in the process.

Female nude photography is not limited to just supplementing models for art students, but also a recognized art form in its own right. Not limited to simply erotic images, the female nude can use effective details either present on the body or in the background to highlight some specific type or archetype. The composition of the photograph is an equally important aspect of the overall piece.

Focus on the breasts, the curve of the hips, the roundness of the rear end or the long sloping plain of the naked back are familiar sights in nude portraiture. The legs, arms and face, all a part of the overall photograph are not usually the key elements. Interestingly enough, the genitalia is neither required nor dismissed in female nude photography, but the breasts often take precedent over more graphically angled pictures. The shape and size of the breast is less important to the composition than the presence of them because images of naked breasts are primal and basic. In these instances, a woman's breasts have less to do with erotica than with reproduction and the sustenance of new life.

Vulnerability, honesty and awareness are all key emotions. While there are certainly areas of female nude photography devoted to stimulation and arousal, the base line for female nude photography is the revealing nature of the most basic kind. Clothing is a shield, armor against the world and allows people to cloak their inner selves from prying eyes. Female nude photography recognizes this by peeling away those layers to allow a rare, unobstructed view of a woman in a state that is at the same time vulnerable and bold. Vulnerable for the revealing nature of the photograph, yet bold for the fearlessness to be revealed without some armor or clothing to protect.