Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photography Female Torso Is A Trunk of Issues

Photography female torso concentrates on the trunk of the body from the line of the hips to the throat. Eliminating the arms, legs and head, photography female torso focuses solely on the purity of sexuality. The pure sexuality refers to the intimate fount of a woman's femininity.

Pure sexuality is both an intellectual and emotional concept. Female physiology describes two, rounded mounds of flesh decorated by dark, puckered nipples. Between the breasts and the navel is the long expanse of the abdominal. At the hip level lays the woman's genitalia, where life is planted and eventually emerges. Photography female torso brings into sharp focus this distinctly feminine area.

Fertility rituals, artwork and legends in the pre-Christian Europe and Mediterranean worlds recognized this well of the goddess. Stone statues with an enlarged trunk area of a faceless woman lacking arms or legs, but possessing a thick waist as though pregnant have been found in numerous locations across Europe. This celebration of femininity embraces the divine beauty of a woman's sexuality expressed through new life. Photography female torso is an extension of this primeval art.

While the ideal may seem primitive, there is a base honesty in removing layers of ideology from modern perspectives. Life is planted in the womb of a woman and emerges there in modern times just as it did in this bygone primitive era. Too many women today struggle to conceal their pregnant bodies believing the 'weight gain' is unattractive. Instead of experiencing a private joy as their body grows, there is a sense of depression and self-consciousness.

The cloak of civilization, rules, morals, expectations and rituals underwent transformation, not the essential physiology. Photography female torso strips away the external cosmetic differences, uniting physical and emotional entities. The allure of a woman's thickly pregnant body, disguised by fashionable trends, remains strong in modern society. Like the pre-historic statues of the rounded goddess and photography female torso, people instinctively reach out to stroke a pregnant woman's protruding belly. The affect is not limited to the intimate circle of friends and family, but encompasses total strangers. Celebrating a woman's sexuality and femininity can once again be rejoiced by photography female torso.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photography Arlington Cemetery Salutes The Rules

Photography Arlington Cemetery refers to the rules and regulations imposed by the military on photographers and reporters. The family of military personnel interred at Arlington National Cemetery is entitled to privacy during funerals. Photography Arlington Cemetery imposes a rule that the media there to document a funeral remain in a cordoned off area. If the family allows their presence at the graveside, the Cemetery will bow to the wishes of the family.

There is an image in the national consciousness of a place filled with endless rows of white markers. These images are visible in numerous military films. Photography Arlington Cemetery acknowledges the quiet those white markers inspire in people, whether they actively know anyone interred there or not.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is another image closely associated with photography Arlington Cemetery. Capitalizing on the heroic dead is distasteful, but documenting the reality of conflict, the reality of loss and the reality of the price paid by the men and women who serve their country and the family left behind is a valid argument.

Photography Arlington Cemetery can raise the awareness of a nation. It is permissible to question policy regarding conflict or war. The loss of life should be a factor the public understands, more than just a number in a headline, but the visual reminder can drive home the reality more than any fact or figure. People will argue that the dead are beyond caring and it is the family who should be protected. There are others who understand the power of exploitation of both. It should never be about money or fame or more papers, it should be about information and remembrance.

Countries should honor their dead, especially those slain in a conflict for that country. Photography Arlington Cemetery is about remembering the dead. It is about honoring them. Photography Arlington Cemetery should never exploit or twist the story. The images tell a truth and the truth should never be distorted for capitalist gain. The press, considered a morality check for the government, should be allowed to present the images in an effort to educate, not invade.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Female Photography Possesses Deep Roots

The art that would evolve into female photography was born alongside the handheld camera. Eastman invented the simple camera that anyone could use in the late 1800s. By 1893, he introduced an icon to popular photography: the Kodak Girl. The Kodak Girl epitomized the beauty, elegance and freedom illustrating female photography. She was fashionable, young, vibrant and independent. She appeared in numerous ads and with her inspiration, generations of women discovered new avenues of art, careers and personal entertainment with female photography.

The Kodak Girl traveled the world, snapping pictures anywhere and everywhere. Achievement in female photography includes notable photographer Anne Leibovitz. Born in 1949, Leibovitz's career in photography includes numerous photographs in Rolling Stone Magazine. Leibovitz photographed John Lennon and Yoko Ono in one of the more famous photographs of the couple. She is also famous for the cover of the nude Demi Moore covered in body paint.

Before Leibovitz, there was Dorothea Lange. Born in 1895, Lange's contributions to the world of photography included her black and white, stark portrayals of the depression and World War II Japanese relocation camps. Her photographs depicted the plight of the Depression for everyone to see. Her images inspired individuals to help where they could as well as getting agencies, the government and otherwise to do what they could to help. In the world of photography, Lange is widely known for her talent, perseverance and honest visuals of her subjects. Lange is an icon in both female photography and photography in general.

Female photography is as much about the women who take the photographs as well as the subjects of the photographs. There is a passion and distinctly different feel to a photograph that allows others to see a snapshot of the world through a woman's eyes. Leibovitz and Lange were totally different women, photographing different eras as well as different types of subjects. Their messages were different, but the passion for their work they held in common.

It would be ridiculous to compare photographs of the Depression to photographs of well-known rock and roll personalities, but they are both uniquely symbolic of the art that is female photography. The art of female photography traces its roots to Eastman's Kodak Girl and its lineage through women such as Lange and Leibovitz. There await new challenges, photographs and points of view for female photography in the 21st century.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boudoir Photography Photography To Flatter And Romanticize

Boudoir photography photography is one of the more sensitive areas of photography. In French, boudoir translates as bedroom, although the word has taken on new meanings over the years most notably associated with intimacy and privacy. Boudoir photography photography involves photos taken in a bedroom. The subject of the photo is either nude, dressed in lingerie or draped provocatively in a sheet. Boudoir photography photography is not pornography in the sense of commercial exploitation.

Typically, the photos are romantic in nature and celebratory of the female form. It is an intimate portraiture, most often created with a lover in mind. Boudoir photography photography is a glamour shot of intimacy, passion and love. The bedroom setting represents the invitation to a private moment, moments intended for lovers.

Boudoir photography photography requires the subject to be comfortable with the photography. Since this is a commercial service, requested and paid for, it is still a great deal of work. The very nature of intimacy that is to be captured on film can create stress for the subject who must relax and trust the photographer's instincts, judgment and suggestions.

Most often the sittings take place in a professional studio, with the bedroom atmosphere prepared there. Some photographers offer to bring equipment, props, lighting and all the other necessary tools to a person's personal bedroom to create portraiture wholly unique to them. No matter where the portraits are taken, the choice of clothing or not is at the client's discretion. Boudoir photography photography does not exploit and the amount of time involved developing the perfect setting, lighting and style poses a higher cost than a general session for a glamour shot.

Boudoir photography photography doesn't require a person's body to be model perfect. Nor do they need to be 'classically' beautiful. The photographer uses practiced skill to arrange clothing, draping, accessories, lighting, posture and the camera angle devoted to flatter a person's intrinsic beauty. Boudoir photography photography can be a great deal of fun and promises a gift for a lover than will be treasured. Trust, love and romance bond in an invitation of intimacy in boudoir photography photography.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Female Nudist Photography Elevates Societal Concepts

A common misinterpretation of female nudist photography is that it is all pornography. Pornography is about degradation and exploitation. Nude portraiture or nudist compositions are the opposite of pornography in every way. Female nudist photography embraces the concept that the human body is beautiful and refuses to let society define beauty. Instead, it is the knowledge that the human body in all its forms possesses an innate beauty that defines female nudist photography. The study of the human body is not limited to photography, but rather found in all forms of art throughout the centuries.

The Venus de Milo, for example, is a very famous statue that glorifies a goddess and her nudity is incidental. While the Venus de Milo is a statue, it is one of the earliest forms of artwork utilizing the nude female figure. Photographers such as Roberto Edwards raise the art form of female nudist photography by taking photos of nude women in full body paint. Laurie Toby Edison approaches her art by photographing and empowering beautiful fat women. Edwards and Edison share a common goal to change and elevate the concept of beauty.

Mona Kuhn's photography uses subjects that are completely relaxed rather than posed. Her works are both intimate and sensual. What sets Kuhn's female nudist photography apart from others is the use of young and old mixed with the reality that these are people comfortable in their own skin. There is no shame in the natural state of the body and Kuhn's photographs not only acknowledge this, but also seek to raise the conscious awareness.

Ralf Mohr's work in photography breaks taboos by depicting women at the height of their fertility. If the human form is beautiful, then the feminine form, thick and ripe with a new life is another version of the beauty in female nudist photography. Whether the photos are found in a coffee table book, private art collection, museum or art class, female nudist photography is about liberating pop culture concepts. What better statement about beauty than finding it in the flesh of all humans? That is a part of what makes female nudist photography a natural art form.

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