Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Female Nudist Photography Elevates Societal Concepts

A common misinterpretation of female nudist photography is that it is all pornography. Pornography is about degradation and exploitation. Nude portraiture or nudist compositions are the opposite of pornography in every way. Female nudist photography embraces the concept that the human body is beautiful and refuses to let society define beauty. Instead, it is the knowledge that the human body in all its forms possesses an innate beauty that defines female nudist photography. The study of the human body is not limited to photography, but rather found in all forms of art throughout the centuries.

The Venus de Milo, for example, is a very famous statue that glorifies a goddess and her nudity is incidental. While the Venus de Milo is a statue, it is one of the earliest forms of artwork utilizing the nude female figure. Photographers such as Roberto Edwards raise the art form of female nudist photography by taking photos of nude women in full body paint. Laurie Toby Edison approaches her art by photographing and empowering beautiful fat women. Edwards and Edison share a common goal to change and elevate the concept of beauty.

Mona Kuhn's photography uses subjects that are completely relaxed rather than posed. Her works are both intimate and sensual. What sets Kuhn's female nudist photography apart from others is the use of young and old mixed with the reality that these are people comfortable in their own skin. There is no shame in the natural state of the body and Kuhn's photographs not only acknowledge this, but also seek to raise the conscious awareness.

Ralf Mohr's work in photography breaks taboos by depicting women at the height of their fertility. If the human form is beautiful, then the feminine form, thick and ripe with a new life is another version of the beauty in female nudist photography. Whether the photos are found in a coffee table book, private art collection, museum or art class, female nudist photography is about liberating pop culture concepts. What better statement about beauty than finding it in the flesh of all humans? That is a part of what makes female nudist photography a natural art form.