Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photography Female Torso Is A Trunk of Issues

Photography female torso concentrates on the trunk of the body from the line of the hips to the throat. Eliminating the arms, legs and head, photography female torso focuses solely on the purity of sexuality. The pure sexuality refers to the intimate fount of a woman's femininity.

Pure sexuality is both an intellectual and emotional concept. Female physiology describes two, rounded mounds of flesh decorated by dark, puckered nipples. Between the breasts and the navel is the long expanse of the abdominal. At the hip level lays the woman's genitalia, where life is planted and eventually emerges. Photography female torso brings into sharp focus this distinctly feminine area.

Fertility rituals, artwork and legends in the pre-Christian Europe and Mediterranean worlds recognized this well of the goddess. Stone statues with an enlarged trunk area of a faceless woman lacking arms or legs, but possessing a thick waist as though pregnant have been found in numerous locations across Europe. This celebration of femininity embraces the divine beauty of a woman's sexuality expressed through new life. Photography female torso is an extension of this primeval art.

While the ideal may seem primitive, there is a base honesty in removing layers of ideology from modern perspectives. Life is planted in the womb of a woman and emerges there in modern times just as it did in this bygone primitive era. Too many women today struggle to conceal their pregnant bodies believing the 'weight gain' is unattractive. Instead of experiencing a private joy as their body grows, there is a sense of depression and self-consciousness.

The cloak of civilization, rules, morals, expectations and rituals underwent transformation, not the essential physiology. Photography female torso strips away the external cosmetic differences, uniting physical and emotional entities. The allure of a woman's thickly pregnant body, disguised by fashionable trends, remains strong in modern society. Like the pre-historic statues of the rounded goddess and photography female torso, people instinctively reach out to stroke a pregnant woman's protruding belly. The affect is not limited to the intimate circle of friends and family, but encompasses total strangers. Celebrating a woman's sexuality and femininity can once again be rejoiced by photography female torso.