Thursday, July 1, 2010

Childrens Photography Virginia Provides Lasting Impressions

Childrens photography Virginia mixes capturing the innocence of youth with a variety of pastoral and urban backgrounds. The landscape is a mixture of rolling hills, thick forests, ponds, runs, beaches and hubs of humanity. Historical landmarks, old buildings and national parks are but a small portion of what childrens photography Virginia offers. It is a land of mixed heritage blending Southern charm with Northern industry and a state of being that is wholly Virginia.

Virginia boasts the oldest American settlement - the town of Jamestown. Settled in 1607 by foreign colonists and named for the distant King of England, this village is ripe with the promise of yesterday. A popular tourist spot, historic Jamestown is populated with re-enactors who allow visitors a taste of the time the town was settled. Childrens photography Virginia can take advantage of this window to the past, featuring the children at play, whether a modern tourist or a re-enactor darting around the landscape in bare feet.

The slogan for the state offers that Virginia is for Lovers. Childrens photography Virginia recognizes the deep affection held for nature, including Shenandoah National Park, the horse country, the beaches and the long tracts of farmland, a great deal of which is still managed by individual farmers. It is important for a photographer to develop an understanding if not affection for the settings chosen in their photographs.

The capital city of Richmond played host to the capital of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Childrens photography Virginia acknowledges this portion of its history, capturing images of children playing where Jefferson Davis sat in office and the square where rallies were held. Generals Robert E. Lee and George Washington called Virginia home. Lee in the historic district of Leesburg, named for his great-grandfather and Washington as his beloved wife's estate at Mt. Vernon.

The history available to childrens photography Virginia can be found everywhere. President Thomas Jefferson called the state home, residents and tourists both visit his Monticello estate. Childrens photography Virginia captures the richness of history, the modern child against the historical backdrops. Whether the photos are taken in a studio or on location, childrens photography Virginia recognizes the opportunities of blending old with new, keeping alive the spirit of both the land and its people.