Friday, July 16, 2010

Photography The Female Body Form Dares To Look Past The Cover

Photography the female body form invites the modern world to abandon media and pop culture induced ideals of femininity. While the women's rights movements over the last two centuries netted the power of voting, there are still stiff views of what is to be female perpetuated through media marketing of 'girls' toys and 'girls' activities. Photography the female body form observes these disparities by throwing focus away from the mass media images and challenging their authority. Imagine a world where preconceptions became a matter to be discussed only in history of psychology texts. Photography the female body form donates valuable insight into that world of possibility.

In a world where single parent homes have become an unquestioned normality, the limitations imposed by the past continue to mark each new generation. Single mothers with young sons reject the idea of giving them dolls or babies with which to play, yet are encouraged to shower such gifts on female children. Male children are encouraged to play sports, whether they enjoy the idea or not. The sexual segregation begins as early as a child's first real toys and continues as a form of gender conditioning. Photography the female body form challenges this conditioning, but it is a steep and uphill battle.

Overcoming decades of object value may seem overachieving for photography the female body form. However, the conditioning that primed children to accept their gender roles, also primes them to view the world through the narrowed lens of popular culture. The average parent will teach their children right from wrong, how to look both ways before crossing a street, how to say their alphabet and even to throw a ball. The average parent doesn't usually introduce controversial concepts of beauty, thought, social awareness and humanities

It is a mistake to believe that a person's gender identity is the only core value of their personality. Yet, the gender identity --- the cover of the book --- is what is judged often with a quick, if dismissive glance. Photography the female body form demands that people look beyond the cover to what exists inside. A person's beauty, personality, personal value and even their sexuality is determined by a combination of their race, religion, economic status, cultural bias and the relationships they've possessed with people in their life.

Photography the female body form cannot overcome decades of conditioning in one fell swoop. Photography the female body form will likely not even slay these particular demons in the next few decades. Yet, the existence challenges preconceived ideas and offers a different opinion. If only one person learns to think beyond another's looks for each photograph taken in this field, then that is one person more to help teach others. Decades ago, the social ideas of today would have seemed alien, so perhaps in a few more decades those last dregs of the past will finally seem alien to the modern world.